[New Game] WDW Made Me.....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mpark90, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. mpark90

    mpark90 Member

    WDW made me have the best year of my life <3
  2. CazzieAnwyn

    CazzieAnwyn New Member

    WDW gave me the confidence to just... live
  3. kate003

    kate003 New Member

    WDW made me go after what I really love in life and believe it can actually happen.
  4. Discostu81

    Discostu81 New Member

    WDW made me less of a cynic.
  5. WALL-E

    WALL-E New Member

    WDW made me obsessed.
  6. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    WDW made me jump out of a plane
  7. leeds disney fan

    leeds disney fan New Member

    WDW brought me closer to my family whilst on the holiday of a lifetime
  8. Einstien76

    Einstien76 New Member

    WDW is the tutor for all of us.
  9. xxzazzzxx

    xxzazzzxx New Member

    WGW gave me the chance to meet people I would have met if I wasn't trying to do the CRP program :)
  10. Chiyo111

    Chiyo111 Member

    WDW made an old promise real.... thank you!
  11. lilacwhisper

    lilacwhisper New Member

    Disney made me think about going to the US (I had never considered the idea before I applied ;D).
  12. Piglet

    Piglet New Member

    WDW made me obsessed with Twilight.

    Before i worked there i didn't really care about it, i thought the 1st movie was pretty terrible. I met a girl there who dragged me along to the showing of all 3 films back to back. The atmosphere in America is so much fun in the cinema. I got totally hooked and ended up buying the books in Walgreens. I read them on the bus to work every day and even ordered Breaking Dawn to the apartment from Amazon cos i couldn't find it anywhere lol They aren't the greatest reads but i'm glad Disney got me into them cos it's a nice lil romance novel :p kinda Disneyish but not quite there. =']
  13. DisneyAvvie

    DisneyAvvie New Member

    Disney made me realise i have a second home.
  14. Aimeexo

    Aimeexo New Member

    WDW made me dream BIG!! :)
  15. Hamburger

    Hamburger New Member

    WDW made me wanting to come back all the time, which I can't of course, and so it's hell and heaven in one.
  16. Paoletto

    Paoletto New Member

    WDW made me realise how hard real life and real jobs are once you leave..
  17. WDW gave me a partner of 5 years. lol.

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