new game....would u rather...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PrincessJilly, Mar 11, 2006.

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  1. Ice cream all the way

    Mr Tickle or Mr Bump (from the Mr Men series ;D)
  2. Tinkerbe11ing

    Tinkerbe11ing New Member

    Mr. Tickle... ( I have no clue what the Mr. Men series is...but Mr. Tickle sounds like a fun guy, haha)

    Listning to music or watch TV?
  3. leeds disney fan

    leeds disney fan New Member

    watch tv

    soarin or test track
  4. TraceyBrown

    TraceyBrown New Member

    soarin oh god soarin.

    Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom
  5. Tinkerbe11ing

    Tinkerbe11ing New Member

    Magic Kingdom :) ...absolutely LOVE the fireworks there!!! *Wishes*

    Downtown Disney or Animal Kingdom?
  6. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    thts a tough one, theyre both fanastic, but ill go for animal kingdom.

    Everest or Rock n roller coaster?
  7. Rock 'n' Rolling Coaster

    Eeyore or Piglet
  8. leeds disney fan

    leeds disney fan New Member

    emmerdale or coronation street
  9. neither really hate soaps

    kittens or puppies
  10. Disney_Geek

    Disney_Geek Member


    Andy Cap or SNOOPY!!!?! ::) :p
  11. TraceyBrown

    TraceyBrown New Member


    Beer or Beer...mmmm Beer.

    Beer or Wine?
  12. CaseyMac

    CaseyMac New Member

    well, I drink beer more.... but nothing beats an nice glass of Pinot Grigio! :)

    20 minutes or dateline?
  13. erm neither really

    tea or coffee
  14. VickiG

    VickiG New Member

    neither, only hot drink for me is hot chocolate..

    Vista Way or Chatham Square?
  15. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member


    I know, I know, Chatham might be nicer, but Vista was my home for 11 months and I would go back there in a jiffy!

    Imagineer or Character?
  16. Hmm hard
    Probably an imagineer though they are both so cooool!

    hot or cold at night.
  17. TraceyBrown

    TraceyBrown New Member

    Cold. Im used to it

    falling asleep watching your favorite show or trying to fall asleep watching Tv.
  18. Tinkerbe11ing

    Tinkerbe11ing New Member

    Trying to fall asleep watching TV....I wouldn't wanna miss my favorite TV show :p

    Laying on the beach and tan or walk around and discover new things and look at historic places...
  19. walking around and seeing new stuff

    angels or fairies
  20. Tinkerbe11ing

    Tinkerbe11ing New Member

    Fairies :D

    Milkshake or smoothie?
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