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  1. Lonja

    Lonja New Member

    I have a huge problem!! :-\ my best friend and I wann go somewhere really special to celebrate new year but we have no clue where!!!! do you know a cool and not too expensive place?? we are desperade!!!!

    thanks for ya help!

  2. Ze Perfect Strange

    Ze Perfect Strange New Member

    Always welcome at mines..and i ll make it special for you ;)
    and you get to spend new year in disney paris ;D YEAH
    ZPS :p
  3. Lonja

    Lonja New Member

    do you think you can handel two commons virgins? ;)
  4. !Dave!

    !Dave! New Member

    Well I'm flying to the commons for new year.....

    Can't think of any better place to celabrate

  5. Lonja

    Lonja New Member

    hey, you are not supposed to make me jealous!!! :mad: you are supposed to give me ideas!
  6. flavour

    flavour New Member

    do nyc! that's a once in a lifetime experience for sure!
    but anything's gonna be better then my new year! i'm gonna be at work watching people celebrate!! :'(

    later! flavour xoxo
  7. Tazzy

    Tazzy New Member

    Hiya, :)

    Well I could suggust either Toronto or Vancouver. I would recommend Vancouver because it's a great place to party during new years :) Alot of the nightclubs in Vancouver are near each other so you can do club hopping too.

    Hope that helps :)

  8. !Dave!

    !Dave! New Member

    NYC ain't bad but can't drink any alcohol on times square and that really sucks but vancouver rocks.
  9. Lonja

    Lonja New Member

    I really appricite all of your help, but thats all too expensive!! I said cheap!!! ;D

  10. flavour

    flavour New Member

    german economy, nobody has money, right? haha! know what you mean! that's why i stay here and work instead (well, and because i'd get fired otherwise!)... so probably europe then...hmm (trying to think, kinda hurts) about somewhere with a beach? won't be that warm, but if there's some people there, i think it would be a great party!
    or maybe london, but that could be expensive, too...
    well, that's the places i'd love to be...

    later! flavour xoxo
  11. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    I'm gonna be off since I work in an office right now and I have no idea either. Probably all of my friends will be working ( and for Flavia it doesn't matter if she is working or not, cause she will be drunk before midnight hehe :p ), so I'm pretty desperate, too. Can't really afford to go anywhere either, so I'm kinda stuck. Maybe I'll just stay in Paris and take some unpaid holidays 8) I would love to do something with lots of people since it's gonna be my last european new years for a while....I hope... ::)
    Oh I got all lost in my thoughts about what to do lol sorry! I'd go visit friends in London or Madrid or Paris or Oslo. Someplace cool and where you have many people to celebrate with.

  12. DigitalPhear

    DigitalPhear New Member

  13. flavour

    flavour New Member

    @jules: da**sure i will be drunk before midnight! i applied for an a.m. shift...means i will have to work a.m. on the first as well, but i couldn't care less!!

    later! flavour xoxo
  14. stephensteer

    stephensteer New Member

    I don't know where you live, so I dont know what exactly would be cheap

    but London is always great for New Year's

    and nowhere (except maybe Disney) beats New York

    but one of the craziest New year's I have ever spent was in Berlin

    and if you guys live in Germany, or even just in Europe that shouldn't be too expensive

    I partied with some "Commons Virgins" while I was on vacation in 2000
    at pleasure island
    at 8 trax

    could it have been you or your friends?
  15. Lonja

    Lonja New Member

    i didnt know that there where any Commons Virgins before us!! but that is good to know!!! no, i dont think i know them , i was there in 2002/03!

    I live in germany so Berlin would be cool!!!

    Ill see what we do!

    But thanks for the info!!

  16. flavour

    flavour New Member

    well, i was there in 2000 and i never heard of that before i heard from lonja and her friends! odd!!

    @lonja: should there be some really well-kept secret in the german pavillion that nobody knows of?? haha!!

    later! flavour xoxo
  17. stephensteer

    stephensteer New Member


    I just reread that message

    I didn't mean to put 2000, I meant 2002! sorry about that

    and I don't even know if it was your friends, it was just some girls with pink shirts on that said commons virgins or something like that

    I hadn't even been to Disney before 2002
  18. Lonja

    Lonja New Member

    well, when exactly was that??? that must have been us!!! we were there 2002/03
    where are you from???

  19. stephensteer

    stephensteer New Member


    I am originally from North Carolina

    but I was living in London for uni

    and I came home for New year's 2002 and that is when I was there

    around the end of 2002 beginning of 2003

    for a couple of weeks
  20. robb2020

    robb2020 New Member

    Hi Lonja.

    How have u been?
    Well I can suggest u the good beaches we have got here in Mexico.

    I can suggest u five.

    Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, La Paz, or Cancun ( of course the last two are the most expensive, but they really worth it)
    U know there are discos, beach, and a lot of fun.

    Hope this helps

    See ya

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