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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by leeds disney fan, Jan 8, 2008.

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    I am 21 the end of this year and my mum has said that she would take me to New York for my birthday, but where is the best place to stay that not too expensive also would you say its better to book the hotel and flights and hotel together or book them separately
  2. Just come back from NY - i really love that place. I booked all the things from It's good can you can see the reviews of people who have stayed they... but I found it really easy to ring up and chat to the staff at the hotels, chat to them for a while and you can often get a better price!

    I stayed in the Quality Hotel Times Square (you can search for that on expedia). It was recommend from a friend and it was a good choice. All the stuff i wanted was in walking distance, and it seemed a nice area (lots a deli's, restaurants etc, safe). It was still expensive, but it's NY! It was clean and reception was open 24hr and were nice.

    If you want anymore info - just message me!

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    I booked it all together when I went, and thought that worked very good! Then I had the options to book tours, transportationt to/from the airport etc at the same time. I too lived close to Times Square and in walking distance to most stuff ;D And you should really go and see STOMP while you're there, they're so good ;D And the New York pass should be considered to...
  4. Oh! One good idea is the open-top bus. It can be quite expensive, but it was all the transport i needed - got to see loads of new york (from down town Wall Street, to Brooklyn).

    It's well worth doing some research before you go so you can see the most. I spent 3 day, as part of a tour of the East Coast, and was out of my room 9am to 10pm every day.... never bored.... it's NEW YORK baby!

    You'll have a brill time!

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