No more 12 month Program for Aus/NZ?

Discussion in 'ICP Applicants Discussion' started by Becsta, May 12, 2014.

  1. Becsta

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    So I've heard a few rumours that Disney is cutting the 12 month program for the J1 Aus/NZ program and only offering the 6 month program. I emailed the recruiting office the other day and got the following response:

    Greetings Rebecca,
    At this time we are only offering 6 month programs.
    Best Regards,
    International Recruiting

    Short but not so sweet! I have to say that I for one am devastated, I was so excited to spend a year working for Disney and now that time has been cut in half. I know it sounds stupid but I am really upset about this...and if one more person tries to "cheer me up" by telling me the benefits of a 6 month program I might just scream! Of course I am still super excited to interview for the program and hopefully get in, but I have to admit this has taken the shine off my excitement.

    Anyone else heard further information about this? I would love to understand the reasoning behind this too.
  2. sems

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    What! That sucks!! On the website/job listing it is still advertising five months to a year. Hopefully they are only offering the 6 month program to the August intake and the 12 month one will open back up for January! If not I might wait till August next year as I was hoping to be there for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year!
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  3. Leeenadood

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    Basically it is a six month program, however if you do well in all aspects i.e. dont call in sick, do extra shifts, volunteer etc you may be selected to stay on for a year. :) they have not completely eradicated it however it goes on good behaviour.
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  4. sems

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    Well I better be on my best behaviour if I get in haha. I was really hoping to go for a year
  5. Becsta

    Becsta New Member

    Ooooh, really? How did you find that out? That has absolutely made my week...there's still hope! :D

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