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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by robb2020, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    Postman Pat's back...and he's married with a kid!! :eek:

    Ellen x
  2. Lindsey

    Lindsey Guest

    yeah back to the future's still there!i always feel sick on that ride. big gulpor no big gulp!LOL!

  3. SaraC

    SaraC New Member

    haha linds! oh ellen i remember that haha aww the muppets like that were classic

    and yeah the turtles, i met them and had my picture with them when i was about 6 or 7. actually watched my home video the other day of it haha. aww the memories.
  4. Lindsey

    Lindsey Guest

    yeah i remember the muppets too! some of them would appear from behind a red curtain on the balcony wouldnt they. dont recall being particularly impressed!lol

  5. Lindsey

    Lindsey Guest

    does anyone remember food rocks!?? its still there but i dont expect any of you to have seen it latley. I saw it in oct...dragged my mum in. its hillarious! singing fruit dairy and veg...ok maybe an immature sense of humour but hey...it still gets me!

  6. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    I remember that...in the Land pavillion!! I thought it was pure cheese too, but so colourful and cool! :D Does anyone remember a 3-D film thing (I think it used to be where The Lion King was in MK...now Philharmagic) and Michael Jackson was in it?! and there was a witch!? I vaguely remember MJ and a load of kids bounding through a field with yellow flowers in it!

    Ellen x
    P.S. did anyone watch that programme on Michael Jackson's kids the other night (UK people!?)?? it was so freaky! :-\
  7. Goldytap

    Goldytap New Member

    damn, i wanted to watch m jackson thing - forgot it was on! hope theres a repeat.

    and food rocks for some reason freaked me out - made me scared to eat my veg for weeks - thought it would start dancing on my plate!

    loved back to the future!

    Sarah :D
  8. Lindsey

    Lindsey Guest

    haha sarah thats so funny.

    i thought it was funny. dont remember the 3d film but im sure i saw it.

    yeah watched that prog the other night. strange man! but i'll refrain from saying more! there used to be a girl on this site that loved him!wanted his bbies and stuff. dont want to hurt anyones feelings.

  9. gismo1554

    gismo1554 New Member

    OK the 3D film is captain EO and its an absolute classic. It was back in the days when jacko was black and it had that red flying alien thing and that scarey woman who was a machine that came down from the ceiling. I'm very sad and have watched a copy my friend had of it recently.

    Did watch the jacko thing and he did seem weird, but then again so did his up bringing (they had a more indepth one a few years ago about his family life and that was kinda strange too so hey who knows).

    Food rocks I've seen a couple of times and I do enjoy it but its so old now. Don't know if its still going to be there though as I thought Soaring over California was replacing it.

    Back to the future I love, but it always makes my mother sick. :-X Still one of the classic Universal rides. We went the year it opened and I went on it about 12 times.
  10. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    I really bashed my head on Back to the Future, and it's kind of put me off it ever since! :(

    Ellen xxx
  11. Lindsey

    Lindsey Guest

    awww nooo! i'll be gutted. its so hilarious! loves it!

  12. robb2020

    robb2020 New Member

    Hey Gals and Guys,

    How r u??
    I do really love Bacj to the Future too,
    In fact not so long ago, I discovered that is was this huge IMAX screen, in a sort of Amphitheater.
    I know I delayed a bit ::) ::) ::)
    I alwasy tought that they were indivual screen, one per car.
    How about Earthquake??
    I love were the big gas truck hits and and flames arise, and u are able to see the "buildings" that r in the street.

    See ya
    Robb ;D
  13. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    I got to be one of the shopping mall scene people on the escalator in Earthquake when I was 12! :D
  14. tiggercharlotte

    tiggercharlotte New Member

    Hehe. I love Earthquake too, I love the way you get to see different things as well, depending on where you are and what side of the train. ;D Both my sisters were part of that shopping scene when they were younger :D
    Btw- is the Lights, Camera Action thing replacing Indiana Jones? Guess it makes sense, that show's been there years, but it's a shame, its great!
    Charlotte x
  15. Lindsey

    Lindsey Guest

    i havent seen indiana jones in years! i got so scared when the spikes started coming outa the ground. can you imagine if the actor got it wrong...thats gotta hurt!lol!

    Earthquakes great i love it. wish you could skip the preshow stuff after the first time. kinda stops you going back on coz you knpw it'll take 30 mins to get to the 5 minute ride!lol

  16. robb2020

    robb2020 New Member

    Hey Gals,

    I also love the Indiana Jones one, specially when the big stone ball rolls over him.
    I do also love the part when the truck rolls over and explodes.

    Hye, how about Jaws???
    The first time I rode it, I was exactly in the middle lines, by the side, I got to see when the shark gets fried, and it was smelly , I was totally like :eek:
    It also great when at the first part of the ride, u here the call of another boat and then u turn and u see a boat with the big shark bite.

    Hope u r fine
    Robb ;D
  17. baby_natz16

    baby_natz16 New Member

    I didn't think the motor stunt show was gonna replace indiana jones, when i was last there it looked like it was gonna be a whole different area....maybe im wrong.

    The most boring ride i remember when i was younger was the one in the land pavillion that was like a boat ride to see how plants are grown. It was so hot in there too!

    I went on food rocks not long ago...it's so bad it's funny.

    I love epcot... :D
  18. tiggercharlotte

    tiggercharlotte New Member

    Cool I hope not!! :D I love the Jaws ride! ;D One time when I was on there, just as we were heading towards the bit where you see the sinking boat a man in the back of our boat lit a cigarette!! The guide told him to put it out immediately in no uncertain tones! We couldn't believe it, you can smell gas around there so much and he's lighting a cigarette!! Some people are so stupid! ::)
    Charlotte x
  19. Lindsey

    Lindsey Guest

    lol charlotte. sounds funny.!! what an idiot!

  20. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    Nat, that ride you're thinking of is Living with the Land....yes I agree, very dull, but sort of interesting....especially as they use all the food they grow in the restaurants in there! :D There always seems to be a HUGE queue for it, and I can never understand why!! I love the food court in the Land! they do yummy stuff in there!! :D

    I like Jaws, until they use the shotgun...that scares me!! :'(

    Ellen xxxx

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