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Discussion in 'Accepted/Current ICP Participants' started by carolbrady, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. carolbrady

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    Hi Everyone, I have just been accepted into the program and I'm really excited.

    I have heaps of questions if anyone can help me. it is getting really expensive, i was just told insurance alone was $1,500, and i dont know yet how much the visa costs. Is there any Australian that knows the total price this is going to cost???

    Another question I have if anyone can answer, is there a staff canteen and how much does it cost? Also does anyone know what the wage is after tax is taken out??

    Thanks everyone for reading my post, and i look forward to meeting some great people.
  2. kimmiedancer

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  3. carolbrady

    carolbrady Guest

    Hi Kimmiedancer, thanks for the link, (thier financial extimations are way out). Im going in January, I was scheduled for July but as I was accepted really late I cant organise everything in time. Good Luck with your one year adventure and I will keep reading your blog to see how you find it. see you there carol
  4. kimmiedancer

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    Yeah, there are some hidden costs that pile up unfortunately. :/

    ...yup, see prolly you there!
    Good luck getting everything ready :)

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