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  1. Elaine!

    Elaine! New Member

    hey guys!

    noticed that there wasn't a board for operations cast members on this forum so thought i'd start one! operations people need love too u know!!

    i was so happy i got picked for operations was my first choice and sounds so exciting! can't decide whether i'd rather be on a ride tho or a greeter or at the entrance! and which park?! don't even get me started on that one! MK and MGM rock but then come to think of it all of WDW does!

    flying out on june 25th til sept 1st btw!!

    see ya

    Elaine xx
  2. NicolaB

    NicolaB New Member

    Im doing operations aswel, wasnt my first choice but never mind! Im doing the year long program, first 6 months operations at MK and 2nd 6 months merch (dunno where!) I think id rather b on the entrance, bit scared about having to learn the speeches 4 the attractions!!
    Im flying out 18th June, so a few days b4 u.
    Nic x
  3. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    Hey I'm going to be in Operations (well Attractions to be precise) in, I think, 11 days!

    I'm already over here and my first 3 months is F&B, and then I get to spend 8 months doing the Jungle Cruise :D

    I'm so excited!
  4. NicolaB

    NicolaB New Member

    Are you worried about learning the speeches and stuff 4 Jungle Cruise or do you think itl b easy?

    Im not very confident so im kinda hoping I won't have 2 be on an attraction! :-[
  5. Elaine!

    Elaine! New Member


    That'll be so cool working on the jungle cruise!! lots of guest interaction etc.
    I don't really mind where i work but i do enjoy talking ( hehehe) so as long as i don't have to sit in silence all day long!

  6. KC

    KC New Member

    I'm ops too! May 30th to September 1st.

    I've thought looooooooooong and hard about what I'm hoping for...

    Start at the top of the list... If I cant have one, I want the one below it... That's how my mind is working :D

    Splash Mountain
    MK Attractions West (Frontierland/Adventureland/Liberty Square)
    MK Attractions
    MK Park Greeter
    Attractions at any park
    Park greeter at any park

    So, basically... I really want to work at MK... And I'd love to work at Splash Mountain :p
  7. brynna87

    brynna87 New Member

    I really want a ride...or to say something at a show...or I dunno...i have a list of the ones i want the most...but who knows.

    1. Rockin' Roller Coaster
    2. Everest
    3. Safari
    4. Pirates of the Caribbean
    5. Kali River Rapids...maybe
    6. Splash Mountain
    7. Soarin' Over California
    8. Tower of Terror
    9. Dinosaur
    10. Great Movie Ride
    11. Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

    I think I'll be happy anywhere...although I'd prefer to be indoors, i get sunstroke pretty easily. I dunno.
  8. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    This will be so much like acting so I don't think I'll have a problem. If I can remember lyrics to so many musicals, then a script shouldn't be too hard. And if I have any problems, I'll just sing it!
  9. Elaine!

    Elaine! New Member

    Good plan! A wee sing song makes all your troubles go far away!!!! :p
  10. Kayleigh

    Kayleigh New Member

    hey up operations peeps!!
    im operations/attractions too.. fly ova on the 25th june.. and cant blimmin wait!!

    just thought id say hey.. *waves*
  11. brennan0720

    brennan0720 New Member

    can you request an attraction/land/park for where you want to do operations etc.?
  12. KC

    KC New Member


    Also, you can't request attractions over park greeter (or vice versa). Well, I suppose you could but there's never a guarantee where you're put.

    You stay where you're put... and it's the luck of the draw, I suppose...
  13. brennan0720

    brennan0720 New Member

    thats understandable

    i think the cm's on tower of terror are so cool though... that would be a wicked job, same with operations on any of the mountains
  14. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    Working for ToT would be cool... but from what I've heard, the ToT CP's are a little high and mighty...you know, because they have such a cool job and there's a huge waiting list for it.
  15. brennan0720

    brennan0720 New Member

    yea but they have practically the coolest atmosphere ever

    if your a cm can you go behind the scenes at other attractions, for example ive always wanted to see the control room at space mountain?
  16. Ona

    Ona Member

    I've just been accepted for merch & attractions (YAY! ;D), no mention of operations....hmmmm..... is this a different offer from operations? Lou were you initially operations or attractions? Just curious since it's the same program? :-\

    Anywaaaaaaay, I'm soooooooooo excited about attractions! I'd love anything with a speil or which requires some acting (HM etc.) Great movie ride would be awsome too! Ooooooo or it's a small world! YAY! Oooooooo I'm so not gonna sleep tonight! Hmm... it's a world of laughter... :D

    brenan0720, you can go back stage but technically you're not supposed to be in a location for which you have no reason to be there. It would also depend on the area's management too. ;) But you could always try and set up a work shadow type thing. You know....... any wish is possible.......All it takes is a little courage, to set it free. ;)

    Ona x
  17. brennan0720

    brennan0720 New Member

    sweet! sounds like a blast
  18. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    Hehe yay Ona!

    Yeah I was originally Operations, and they didn't make up their mind about where we were going until a few weeks ago...I guess it might be that Spring Break had just finished and they needed to sort out where labour was needed.

    A girl I know over at Tomorrowland Speedway said that once during hurricane warnings (so all the outdoor rides were closed) and it was before the park was opened, they all got to go ride Space Mountain with the lights on and no music, except they played the Splash music on the way up!

    How cool must that have been.
  19. Ona

    Ona Member

    Cool cool. So if I'm attractions, I am attractions, if you know what I mean. Lol! ;D

    Awsome! Most Cms have a couple of insanely cool stories to share. ;) I can't wait to get some more! ;D

    Ona x
  20. kristol

    kristol New Member

    I'll be in Operations also :D do we really have to do speeches in front of a large group of people?? :D:D AWESOME

    what else do Operations cast members got to do??

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