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Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by springgurl, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. springgurl

    springgurl New Member

    Hi everyone! I bet this question has already been asked, but here it goes anyways. Does anyone know how they pick people off the opportunity list? Is it by when you said you could start, or how much they liked you.... or completely random??
  2. jc09fp

    jc09fp New Member

    I think it goes by the date you said you can start----Someone else has said they think it is random but if it is im sure the first step is your first available date. I will give you my theory...try to stay with me hahahas

    I had a weird experience on my first program. Granted I was 17 when i interviewed but i put my first available date as July 1st (so I could finish highschool!) --but i was called about three weeks after being on the waitlist and was offered a May 10th start date---didnt work bc i was not 18 yet--so then she said June 18th--but i wasnt finished school yet---so i got August 18th!!! which worked out perfectly....

    so moral of that story is---they didnt go by my first available date which leads me to believe that it is (or at that time was) random...its been 3 years since that so they might have changed it up a bit!!

    Kristen said at the interview when i asked about my availability---which is only february of next year---she said that if i was chosen i would have to go on the waitlist as the dates will not be released yet from Disney---but she said that it can work out in my favour bc not a lot of people will have that date so i will have a better chance....SO i think they go by first available date and then it is random selection.

    I HOPE THAT MADE SENSE!!!! hahaha :)
  3. springgurl

    springgurl New Member

    hahaha it did make sense, thanks so much!! I hope we get pulled off soon, I can't handle all this wait!
  4. xxzazzzxx

    xxzazzzxx New Member

    I've been on the opportunity list for 2 days!

    They sent me an email saying I was on the opportunity list...
    2 days later Kristen called me and I wasn't able to answer my phone so she left me a message telling me to look at my email..
    I went on the computer and

    Bam there was an email saying CONGRATZ YOU'VE GOT A DATE YOU'RE LEAVING ON JULY 10 th :)

    pretty easy! :)
    Keep hope! :)

    and if it doesn't work this time, tryy again! :)

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