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Discussion in 'Accepted/Current ICP Participants' started by ksmart, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. ksmart

    ksmart New Member

    Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone else has applied to the University of Central Florida Graduate Program?? I had my prescreening interview the other day and I am hoping that there are some others who are going through the same process I am :)
  2. nicki1404

    nicki1404 New Member

    i did this program in 2009, if i can answer any questions let me know :) good luck! it was the most amazing 6 months of my life! Nicki x
  3. chris_m

    chris_m New Member

    Hi nicky,

    I'm also in the application process, but some questions have come to mind.

    How do you pick your role for the internship? Is it like in the other programs?

    How about the classes, are they really hard with a lot of homework? Do you have some tips about something university related?

  4. nicki1404

    nicki1404 New Member

    well at the interview they give you forms to fill out, and there you basically choose the jobs you are most interested in and number them in priority order. However they never guarantee you that you get the position you want! I got assigned merchandise and it wasnt any of my top choices, however i LOVED it!
    it just depends how many positions they have available at the time. but most common are prob merchandise and attractions!
    and no the classes are not hard at all! We attended UCF one day a week 9-3pm and hardly any homework until the final assessments, even then its not hard. UNLESS they changed it since i was there!

    dont mind helping you all out, i know i had a million questions! nicki xx
  5. ksmart

    ksmart New Member

    I just got accepted to work at Disney! I'm going to be working as concierge starting in January! I can't wait! Nicki is there any good advice you could give me? Chris have you been accepted yet?
  6. nicki1404

    nicki1404 New Member

    hey! you are more than welcome to add me on facebook or email me in case i miss your posts on here! im sure theres lots i could tell you, or if you have questions! you are going to have the most amazing time of your life and it will 100% stay with you forever! XX

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