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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by questionaire, Jan 5, 2012.



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  1. questionaire

    questionaire New Member

    Just a couple quick questions about the interviews.. I rcvd an email saying I was invited for a phone interview and to chose a time, but there were no times available. It say check back later for additional times or contact yummy.. Has anyone else experienced this? How long did you have to wait for additional time slots? Or should I just contact yummy right away? Also if I progress to the personal interview, Ive heard there are 2 per year in Vancouver? Ive seen other post threads about one in Feb, does anyone know when the second one is haled? (For start dates between June and Dec 2012)
  2. Magical.Partridge

    Magical.Partridge New Member

    There is only the one in February for Vancouver to leave between June and December, the next one is not till Fall.
  3. jc09fp

    jc09fp New Member

    they are always really friendly if you want to contact them i am sure they wouldnt mind!! --there are 2 interviews for the CRP program coming up. the first in Vancouver and a few days later there is one in Toronto. Hope that helps!

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