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Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by alemanolga, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. kelly_p

    kelly_p New Member

    ah u guys are so cute - lol well as promised (especially to nichol) my camera is in the developing shop as we speak - so there will be pics of me and my bf to (esp 4 nichol lol) ;D
  2. lizziewizzie

    lizziewizzie New Member

    my new hair :) had loads cut off - 10 inches!! Bit sad about it. but dealing with it every day! lol!
  3. CanadaMan

    CanadaMan New Member

    Hey everyone. I've had difficulty posting a picture before. I hope this works. This is a picture of me 3 months ago.


  4. jenmacp

    jenmacp New Member

    Tiffy - I used to bite my nails a LOT! (Okay - and sometimes still do...)

    One thing I do is wear bright colours of nailpolish. It'll chipp if you bite your nails and look AWFUL plus it'll get all over your teeth ;D

    I'd post a pic but I'm at work and don't have any on my computer here, but I have an online ablum at

    I find the weirdest thing about getting lots of hair cut off is when you wash it the first couple of times afterwards.

    Disney needs to hire pretty people because the costumes are so awful :p ;D

    ~ Jen
  5. alemanolga

    alemanolga New Member

    Hey Jen.. as I see you love to travel..Nice Pics!

    Keep posting pics so we can recognize each other hehehehe!

  6. jenmacp

    jenmacp New Member

    Olga - I LOVE traveling! Here's hoping I can make some decent tips and do some traveling in the States :) I also love taking pictures so I have boatloads of them on my computer.

    I am so bad at recognizing faces. Unless you guys are wearing the EXACT same thing as in your photos I'll probably have to stare at you for five minutes and scan my brain through all the pics on this thread! ;D

    ~ jen
  7. starzcrazie

    starzcrazie New Member

    i love traveling and im such a photo whore! lol..
    sadly, i wouldnt be making any tips.. so i so have to save up MORE for the trips! :'(
  8. DCrimper

    DCrimper New Member

    I'm Dawn from Scotland. Coming to Disney Sept 2005.
  9. helen

    helen New Member


    Welcome to the boards Dawn ;D so what will you be doing f+b or merch??

    Helen x
  10. DCrimper

    DCrimper New Member

    I'm Dawn from Scotland. Coming to Disney sept 2005
  11. DCrimper

    DCrimper New Member

    hello helen i will be f&b, and yourself
  12. helen

    helen New Member

    I'm in merch starting 6th Dec so just 3 more months for me to wait ::)

    Any questions just ask - there is always someone on here to help out ;D

    Helen x
  13. DCrimper

    DCrimper New Member

    thanks helen just found the place thanks to tiggercharlie so should be a great help for me now . but have to go for now.
  14. lizziewizzie

    lizziewizzie New Member

    welcome dawn!! when u coming over? 6th 13th or 20th?? :) im a 6er!! hehe ! :) wooo only 4.5 days left now!!
  15. Chris

    Chris New Member

    Let's hope the 20th as there are too many 6ers!!! Yes, you heard me, stop hogging the place! Where are my 20ers friends!? ::)
  16. tiggercharlotte

    tiggercharlotte New Member

    Nope afraid Dawn is a 13th! ;) How big are both your arrival groups? The people we know about for the 13ths- theres 8 of us- and Jason sent out emails to all the 13ths with mine and Liannes emails on so that could well be all of us!
    Charlotte x
  17. joelle

    joelle Guest

    im a 20er :) but im not your friend ! so forget it .....

    lol just kiding ;) jut look at the paper for the visa and youll see everybody that is sept 20( i think )


    joelle :)

    la gentille québecoise
  18. Meels

    Meels New Member

    Lookin cleverer than i akshully are!
  19. Meels

    Meels New Member

    Oops! lol Didn't even work!! Stupid technology.
  20. lizziewizzie

    lizziewizzie New Member

    @chirs - the visa petition paper has 41 people on it and it shows all people going in september. me and zanitta worked this out. I thought the petition showed everyone going on 6th but she's on it too and she's going on 13th. So it infact shows everyone going in September and holds a visa valid from 6th sept 2005 to 20th october 2006 :) all the 6ers and 13thers and 20thers today! hehe! 41 of us :D

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