1. Ze Perfect Strange

    Ze Perfect Strange New Member

    hey hey , sorry to bother but can we still put pic in the profile???
    if so, what is the new way of doing it??
    ZPS :p
  2. vistaway

    vistaway New Member

    Sure you can...I see that you have one in your profile now - did you figure out how?

    For reference, to add a personal photo as your avatar:

    >click on Profile
    >click on Forum Profile Information (left menu)
    >tick 'I have my own pic' or 'I will upload my own picture'
    *The pic must be no larger than 65x65 pixels
    >You should be able to upload or link to your pic and see it in your profile immediately.

    If you have any troubles with this, you can e-mail me. Hope this helps! :)


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