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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by wordsfrommike, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. wordsfrommike

    wordsfrommike New Member

    Hello all!

    I plan to apply during the next open period (Spring 2014?) and I'm wondering what I can do in the build up to make myself more attractive and give myself the best chance.

    I'm already unsure of how far I'll be able to progress; I have a tattoo down the length of my forearm, and although it can be covered with long sleeves (and I wear a short bandage whilst working at the moment, to make 100% sure it's covered if my sleeve rides up!) I kinda' figure that the competition will be stiff enough that anything that counts against me will be enough to realistically end my chances.
    So I'm looking for things I can start now that will be seen positively and hopefully level the playing field a little!

    Thanks for any tips
  2. MariahDoesDisney

    MariahDoesDisney New Member

    What country are you from?
  3. wordsfrommike

    wordsfrommike New Member

    From sunny ol' UK
  4. MariahDoesDisney

    MariahDoesDisney New Member

    Okay, as I'm from Canada I wouldn't be of much help. Lucky for you, there's a lot of UK members on these boards!! :D
  5. Katylou89

    Katylou89 New Member

    In all fairness, i'd take a picture of your tattoo and email yummy jobs asking about it. If they turn around and say no then at least you havent invested as much time into your application process than if you were to get through to the interview stages. However,I know a few out there who do have tattoos so it might not be the be all and end all. The only thing it might do is influence your choice of role. I think those with tattoos on their arms can be restricted to only the Merchandise/HRC roles as they have longer sleeved costumes and you're not supposed to wear make up to cover tattoos which might melt off in the heat of a kitchen! lol
  6. megannn

    megannn Member

    Wordsfrommike, I did the Cultural Exchange Program during the summer and I have a tattoo on my forearm. I was in Merch and had to cover it with a plaster or long sleeve shirts. The only issue that would come from your tattoo would be the role you can do- you'd only be able to do Merch as you can't wear anything below your elbow to do F&B! It seems most CRP roles are within F&B but I'd email YJ to check what they think!
  7. BrumZoe

    BrumZoe New Member

    Hi Mike,

    I've just finished the CRP in the UK pavilion, where exactly is your tattoo and how far does it come down? The boys shirts in food and bev have rolled up sleeves to just below their elbows so tattoos below there on the arms are a bit of a no go I think. But the merchie boys costumes have sleeves that come down right to the wrist so it is easier to cover tattoos up. Having a tattoo isnt really much of a problem for yummy jobs or Disney as long as they are able to be covered. Sounds like the merchandise costume might be perfect for you to cover it up. Hope this is a bit more helpful, good luck with your application!

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