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    Hi all, I am interested in applying for the CRP next year and just wanted to know a little bit more about the dates and deadlines for the application and the program. If someone could tell me When the most recent applications opened, when the interviews were and when people found out whether they got on the program I would be really grateful!

    I was also wondering what start dates have been offered and how you choose your start date? I know the program lasts for a year but from what I have seen there don't appear to be regular start dates as there are for the summer work experience program! Any info on this would be great thanks!
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    Thanks for the links! But those websites don't seem to have much info on the applications for the UK since it is done through Yummy Jobs. If anyone knows anything about recent applications and interviews in the UK that would be helpful!
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    The applications open usually twice a year, sometimes more. If you add Yummy Jobs on facebook, then they will always post when they are doing the next round of applications. You don't get to choose a start date, you tell them when you are available from at the first interviews and then they will give you a date. Most of the time your arrival date will be months after you've been accepted. I applied in December 2011, had my first interview in January 2012, second in Feb 2012. Waited until the end of March and they gave out a small number of people dates and then I found out at the end of June 2012 that I had been successful... and got a date for April 2013. Long process, some people were given dates as far on as the end of July 2013 at that time. I had given my availability being from July 2012. Some people though can be called and asked if they can go with only 2 weeks notice (because someone else has dropped out). It can be extremely frustrating but for me it's been totally worth it. The link to my blog is below if you want to know more, I covered everything pretty intensively before I got out here.

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