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Discussion in 'Walt Disney World College Program' started by Niquila, May 26, 2006.

  1. Niquila

    Niquila New Member

    Hey everyone

    Has anyone else had that email from Alexis about paying the assessment fee online before we go + tried doing it yet? It keeps telling me there's an error with the credit card details but I've checked + checked + it's still not working.

    Anyone else had this problem?

    Loadsa love
  2. stazpaz

    stazpaz New Member

    hi there,

    I didnt have any problems with it not accepting, however I didnt receive any form of confirmation by email that it had been accepted.

  3. Tigger:-D

    Tigger:-D New Member


    What phone number did you use? It seems to make it an American number...Im confused! ???
  4. stazpaz

    stazpaz New Member


    yeah i noticed that, i just did +44 then my phone number, hopefully it is correct.

  5. Chrissie

    Chrissie New Member

    Can u still pay it once u get there?! Ive kinda overloaded my parents credit card, I feel bad If I have 2 put anymore on it..
  6. Jorden

    Jorden New Member

    Nope you need to pay it in advance now, and print out confirmation which you bring with you. At least thast what I was told.
  7. brynna87

    brynna87 New Member

    What's the website address to pay it?
  8. Katie_M

    Katie_M New Member

    Actually, you can pay it once you get here. I completely forgot to pay it, and when I got here we went around to different stations to fill out paper work, one was where you either presented the print out from paying it online or gave them the money right there.

    Hope this helps
  9. chezza

    chezza New Member

    really? i would prefer to pay once i am there!!
    Im doing the summer programme tho, is that still ok to pay over there too?
  10. Aled

    Aled New Member

    I just paid the fee online and got a confirmation email straight away. I put 044 for my telephone number and it also converted it to an American number so my last 3 digits are an extension!! ;D

  11. jayni

    jayni New Member

    i got to vista way on tuesday night.. and you can make the payment when you get here.. its $72 if you pay that way!

  12. c-nyce

    c-nyce New Member

    Hi Jayni,

    Are you home sick yet? Have you meet many friends? I am looking forward to my arrival...on Aug 14th. Getting excited and nervous at the same time...leaving my friends...hopefully, meeting new friends...

    I pray for nice friendly room mates...

    Until late..enjoy...

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