September 17th 2013 Start date.

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by nickthedreamer, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. nickthedreamer

    nickthedreamer New Member

    Today I received my start date for the UK Pavilion. I look forward to meeting the cast who will already be there and anyone who possibly will start on this date too!
  2. Piglet

    Piglet New Member

    Oh wow that's late :eek: when did you apply?

    The reason I ask is cos i'm doing a summer program and won't be back in the UK til September 2013 so I didn't think it'd be worth me applying for the next round of interviews incase I wasn't back in time for my start date but now i'm thinking I probably would be..

    Sorry for me rambling just curious lol but Congratz! It'll be so great, do you know which position you're working?
  3. nickthedreamer

    nickthedreamer New Member

    Hey! No problem in rambling haha!

    I actually applied in September and had my interview in October but i didnt apply through Yummy because at the moment im working at Disneyland Paris so I applied internally. I found out at the end of October that I was sucessful at my interview but I was placed on the waiting list.
    It does seem to take a while seeing as my start date is 12 months after I applied but in my head I keep thinking that it doesnt matter when you go, everyone does the same amount of time so the experience is gonna be the same if you get what I mean.
    When you apply tho they ask when you are available and I think you will be fine to apply!

    Not sure which area of the UK pavilion I will be working at yet
  4. Piglet

    Piglet New Member

    Yeh it doesn't matter at all when you go :D I personally would prefer September just because it would mean spending my birthday (which is at the end of August) in England just before I leave and then spending my birthday the following year in Florida just before I leave :p Perfect! lol But yeh thanks for the tips I think i'll just apply with a start date and if it's no good i'll reapply when I get back :)

    And wow Disneyland Paris, what do you do there and how did you get onto that? :eek: x
  5. nickthedreamer

    nickthedreamer New Member

    Ive worked for the character, parade and show department for 4 and half year now, I got the job by attending an audition in London. I love it here and it's my home but I'm so looking forward to the change and the new experiences Walt Disney World will offer me. I'm gonna be suspending my contract here so after Epcot I will return back to Disneyland Paris.

    Definitely apply for the program and I wish you the best of luck!
  6. ScottishJen

    ScottishJen Member

    Piglet - its always worth applying and telling them your availability, there's a few people that applied a year ago that won't be going until July 2013! Usually there aren't looking for people to start really quick (unless there's drop outs, self-terms, etc) so there's usually a interview, another interview within a month, a waiting period of 4-6 weeks, possibly another waiting period of up to 3 months and then up to 10-12 more months before you leave! They ask at the first interview about availability and they are used to people finishing up with uni, etc so I say go for it! I applied December 2011 and got a date in June 2012 for April 2013!
  7. Crimsonben

    Crimsonben New Member

    will be great to see you nick, carnt wait just 244 days till we go :)

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