September 20th- Toronto Disney Youth Entertainment Host Auditions

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Discussion' started by Catefran90, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Catefran90

    Catefran90 New Member

    Just got my email!! I am going to be an Entertainment Host!! YAYYYY!!!!! ;D
  2. Emily

    Emily New Member

    Congratulations Catefran90!!!

    I am getting anxious for December. I also have to get my physical and background check sorted out, but I am also in University full time so I feel like my plate is extra full. But I am getting very excited!!!
  3. tayyy

    tayyy Guest

    just got my email! merchandise hostess!! so excited!
  4. nicki1404

    nicki1404 New Member

    tayy - ive also recently been offered merch! i got told a few weeks ago ive been selected to open on the fantasy! SO excited, but now i have to wait 4 more months!! cant wait to go! im from the UK X Nicki x
  5. tayyy

    tayyy Guest

    nicki- i'm so happy for you!! i bet you're so excited!! i'm hoping i will be on the fantasy too, my availability doesn't start until january because i graduate uni in december, so hopefully i will find out soon!! i'm from america but i go to and from england like twice a year because i have family there!!
  6. cowza

    cowza New Member

    Congratulations all!!!
  7. nicki1404

    nicki1404 New Member

    where abouts in england do your family live tayy!? add me on facebook if you like! id say you have a decent chance of getting fantasy with a jan avail! thats what i put down too! :) fingers crossed!! I am so excited!!

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