september 6th leavers???

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by halifaxboy, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. halifaxboy

    halifaxboy New Member


    I just wondered if there was anymore september 6th leavers after todays calls. I know of me and emma from the uk but has anyone else heard today??

  2. CanadaMan

    CanadaMan New Member

    Hey guys, yea im leaving sept 6th F&B, I'm form Canada, But we'll still be partying together when we get there. maybe even rooming together...

    Jase Gray
  3. Lizzie

    Lizzie New Member

    that's it im joining this crew..i leave september starting to think i heard eric wrong....maybe he said the 6th...that'd be funny showing up at hte airport on the 5th with no one cry and be so lost! haha...but yes..i am officially putting myself in the september 6th leaving crew!

  4. bussey17

    bussey17 New Member

    Am not leaving on 6th September but 21st of June! just wanted to say COME ON HALIFAX another Yorkshire lad!
  5. halifaxboy

    halifaxboy New Member

    woo hoo! someone else from yorkshire!
    Hey Jase! a whole year of partying...oh yeah and work in between! haha.
    I'm lookin forward to drinkin some MOLSON.
    I'm getting a phone call today from the people who organise the jobs in the UK to fill me in on info and what I need to do!
  6. emma

    emma New Member

    ok so im not from yorkshire but liverpools not far!!!! whoohoo lizzie hi!!!! how old r u?? congrats on the job!! ;D
  7. loops_li

    loops_li New Member

    I'm from yorkshire! Born and bred! ;D, but i

  8. loops_li

    loops_li New Member

    won't be seein ya till the 13th of sept!

    I really don't know how I manage to post my posts before I finish em! I've done it twice now!lol

  9. Lindsey

    Lindsey Guest

    haha I have no idea how youre managing it!

    lizzie...I think you may wanna check that!! I think all internationals arrive on the tuesdays so it seems odd that you are off by a day!

  10. halifaxboy

    halifaxboy New Member

    cool Lizzie! we shud see u on arrival then! it'll be sooo cool can't wait 2 go!! I think there are about 5 people going from the UK on the 6th sept so we should see u over there!
  11. Lizzie

    Lizzie New Member

    hey emma, im a youngen im only 19 i'll be 20 when i get there though..and then unfortunatly i wont be 21 until the last month im there....urgh! oh well i'll just have to praty with the underagers! how old are you emma? and when do u leave again? and where are you from? haha i konw it's somehwer eon these boards..but im too lazy to check! hahaha

    yah i'll check it out..ill email eric or somethign to ensure i leave the 5th....
  12. emma

    emma New Member

    hey lizzie i 18.....yes im he baby im think i the youngest out of evry1 here to be acepted! id have to be my bday was like a week before the interview!!! im from a city called liverpool...i guess the only way u wud know it will be because of the beatles!! thats all ne1 knows hahah! i leave sep 6th!
  13. Lizzie

    Lizzie New Member

    aww! so u wotn even be 21 at all during the program!! meh! who needs alcohol to have a good time!!! well sometimes it's fun...when did u get your phone call saying you got the job?
  14. emma

    emma New Member

    i got it on thursday was made up!!!! nope no ale at all .....well see! haha im not bothered neway!
  15. Lizzie

    Lizzie New Member

    at least we konw that the only weight gain will be fromthe food and not from the alcohol! that's a bonus!
  16. emma

    emma New Member

    thats so true!
  17. rjshevy

    rjshevy Guest

    Liz come on...what the hell do you mean by

    I had to laugh...sorry :p
  18. Lizzie

    Lizzie New Member

    hush hush robyn....we all know alcohol puts on weight! ahhaha..well for some people!
  19. cinderelli.jessy

    cinderelli.jessy New Member

    hey peeps...
    im gonna arrive on sep 05th as well... im 23 ( thank god ) and will be able to drink as much as I want!! unfortunately, i dont like drinking.... LOL well, what a shame!!!!!

    sooooooo, hopefully i m gonna stay in good shape, too!!! ( or should at least try to get into good shape by going to the gym !!!!!!!) LOL ;D ;D ;D ;D ::) ::) ::)

  20. Lindsey

    Lindsey Guest

    lizzie me and you are in the same situation. i turn 21 a month before i leave too! gutted!


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