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Discussion in 'Technical Questions, Comments and Suggestions' started by Anni, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. Anni

    Anni New Member

    when do we get so see more details and pictures of our work location? especially the german one?

    i think its one of the most importent things the applicants have to know, isn´t it? for me it is! ;)
  2. laurie

    laurie New Member

    the german pavilion is such a nice place, you'll see that when you are in orlando, don't worry about that!!
    The shops are nice, and the restaurant pretty big with a stage (they have agerman band) and a dance floor !!
    You'll se that the german pavilion and the restaurant are pretty crowded on graduation days !! (when you get your diploma from Disney) and after the ceremony people do a drinking aroun the world (you'll see that !! lol) and in every pavilion you get a drink, then when you arrive in the german pavilion (usualy drunk !!) you go to the show, and you dance on the dance floor... That's nice and a lot of fun !

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