So very very Cold .... makes me wish i was in Florida even more...:(:(

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hockey_town_canada, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. hockey_town_canada

    hockey_town_canada New Member

    one week until sun in san diego :)
  2. lucky :mad:
    It's still snowing here and I won't be anywhere warm and sunny until the summer...and that's assuming I'm accepted! ;D haha.

    I hope you both think of me here cleaning the snow off my car while you're in the sun!

    and no, I'm not jealous. :p
  3. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    Awwww! I will get a load of snow soon I am sure. I will make sure to have a cocktail at the beach for you ;)

  4. Yay! Thanks!

    It's not cold out right now, and it's raining. Maybe some of the snow will be gone by tomorrow...
  5. sandinshorts

    sandinshorts New Member

    I like riding my bike to work in snow
  6. really?

    I don't think I'd be able to ride a bike in the snow...I can barely walk properly :-[ haha
  7. AshleyDawn

    AshleyDawn New Member

    It was -41 out today - no fun at all! It's nice to have snow but when walking to your car from the door is enough to make your toes numb, there's no use! I really want to make a snowman but it hasn't been nearly warm enough to consider that! Baaah humbug.
  8. hockey_town_canada

    hockey_town_canada New Member

    ya its -49 today :( .... 6 days till san diego... i will for sure be thinking of you while im on the beach :) ....

    gonna be cold all week like this till i go... its suppose to be +24 in san diego tommorrow ... oh how i cant wait...
  9. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    -49????? :eek: Oh shit....I feel sorry for you guys...
  10. AshleyDawn

    AshleyDawn New Member

    Ha, thanks Dancing Queen :D ! It's not usually so cold for so long - we get the odd day or two but it's just been frustrating lately. The car wouldn't even start this morning, hmph!

    I'm glad you're thinking of us poor frozen folk here, Mr. Manitoba, because not all of us get to see San Diego, haha! I hope you have fun! Are you super excited to leave yet?
  11. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    I think I wouldn't even be able to drive a car...I don't like cold :( But it's even worse when it's just raining non stop....
  12. I don't mind the rain....especially Florida rain where it pours buckets in the summertime! ;D ...unless I happen to be walking into an air conditioned building right after...

    It's only -7 here, so that's no where near -49, but I still find it cold.
  13. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    Ewww I hate the rain there especially lol It comes out of nowhere, so you can run, but never hide :-\ I was standing at a bus stop ince (with an umbrella) for a few minutes only and I got sooooo soaking wet. I sat in the bus and thought I would die, I was so cold and the ride took forever. Me no like rain :'(
  14. Jorden

    Jorden New Member

    How bout the summer thunder? I remember one day standing outside of cast services actually feeling the thunder and listening to it set off car alarms while waiting for the bus... haven't seen thunder like that here at home!
  15. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    Another reason why I hated the Florida weather - It always set off our fire alarm system!!!!! That was such a DRAG!
  16. _Jessy_

    _Jessy_ New Member

    ok, listening to you writing (well, that is controversal now *scratch*) about -49 Dergees :eek: (bibber) I do not dare saying that I would be happy if a tiny snowflake would fall here! :'( Where is the winter?? We were left out .... But well, I will not complain ...... -49 Degrees tze tze tze

  17. I LOVE the thunder and lightning in the summer!
    I miss the crazy things like that.

    It's -15 here but feels like -25...thats super cold to me. Our milk froze out on the step this morning.
  18. sandinshorts

    sandinshorts New Member

    I've been wearing snow goggles while I ride my bike to work. They fogged up so I took them off but my eyelids froze together, so I had to put them back on. Winter is just trying to pack the next years worth of bad weather in before I go to florida!
  19. AshleyDawn

    AshleyDawn New Member

    Ugh, I think that's exactly it! I got frostbite on my ear waiting for a bus for FIVE minutes in the cold. It won't stop aching :eek: :eek: I can most definately say I prefer sunburn over frostbite and wind burn! Brr!
  20. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    You guys scare me lol Maybe I should move back to Florida...

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