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    Hi, I'm looking for participants to answer some questions for me in the form of a web based survey. I would like your opinions on different aspects within the game.

    This is a survey (in two parts) that is part of my research belonging to the preliminary stages of investigation. I am interested in your opinions of association football in its current and modern form. It does not matter how knowledgeable or experienced you are on the subject of football, and it does not matter whether you like or have any interest in the game. The purpose of this research is to investigate the feelings and opinions of society as a whole.

    You will remain completely anonymous, and your results will be used to help formulate further studies on this subject. If you do not know, or are unsure of an answer, please state that when writing your response.

    Part One -
    Part Two -

    Thank you very much for your participation.
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    Might want to put (soccer) in brackets as not everyone refers to true football as football ;)

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