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Discussion in 'Technical Questions, Comments and Suggestions' started by Kevus, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Kevus

    Kevus New Member

    Hi firstly i would love to say how wonderful the website is and the forum itself is a wonderful item to have, but i was thinking as i flicked through the various pages that some of the other sections need updating like the work locations and there is not a section dedicated to the roles that are offered, so i was wondering if its possible to add and update a section on the website for that,

    my second suggestion is to group the category's more, for instance inside the Accepted candidates you could have CRP, ICP and Other so people fffind it easy to meet people on the same program. this thought could also be applied across the other categories.

    these are just a few of my suggestions i hope you take them into consideration as i would love to help out on this wonderful site
  2. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

    I definitely agree with you on those suggestions, sounds like just what we need to make this forum *extra extra* perfect!
  3. vistaway

    vistaway New Member

    I agree with those suggestions completely.

    I would like to get something added for roles but I am looking for a document that outlines the current ones. The Work Locations page needs to be finished...I need to get to that.

    I am actually currently testing a forum upgrade. Once I get it to work, I can add new child boards for programs...or more-likely:

    1. Program Name
    2. Applicants
    3. Accepted
    4. Alumni

    Or something like that...

  4. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

    Ooh yeah, that's a really like that idea. Even better!

    Ahh I love this forum! :D
  5. Kevus

    Kevus New Member

  6. mallihamalliha

    mallihamalliha New Member

    i support Kevus idea for this

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