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  1. Disney Dude

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    Hopefully they'll get back to me soonish.

    It's so confusing as they're giving little info to go on.

    They don't say how i have to apply for the Police report check. Be great and quicker if i can do it through the website.

    Then for the medical, they just say to book it and attend. I assume they forms they have sent me needs to be filled in by the Doctor in london. Also says nothing about going to my GP to get proof of my vaccinations although i'll going to go tomorrow for that so it's sorted.

    SOOOOOOO Confused lol
  2. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    Got my Background stuff all sent off. However, they never received my email apparently with my proof of identity so i had to fax them in the end yesterday, so hopefully, that will all be sorted and moving forward when i call on monday to check.

    Medical booked with the Harley group for the 21st. Really worried about it. lol Got vaccination proof from GP although i have no proof of my swine flu vacs that i had at Disney in Florida.

    Hopefully before the second week on November, Disney will have all my results so i can book my Visa.
  3. BriarRose

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    I've been to the Harley street medical. It's very straight forward and easy going, please don't worry about it. I really doubt you'll need proof of your swine flu jab, they never asked me for anything like that. They just want to see if you've had MMR and TB jabs. Let me know if you have any other questions, I know it can be a bit daunting because they don't tell you much at all!
  4. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    Could you tell me what questions they do ask?

    Someone told me they go quite in detail and wanting to know if you've had STD's or things like that although i'm not sure i believe him
  5. BriarRose

    BriarRose New Member

    No they don't ask you that. You do get tested for HIV but they don't ask you anything about it, just if you're okay to take that test.
    When you get there you fill out a form that asks a few questions, and then you take it to the doctor who just goes through the form with you. He'll ask you things like if you have any allergies, if you have asthma, if you smoke/drink, he asked me if I'd ever been to hospital for anything. I think that's all he asked really, nothing too much.
  6. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    Thank You soooo Much. You've really put me at ease as im so worried about it.

    Can you remember the Visa Process too?

    My agency says i cant book my embassy meeting till i have done the medical and got the results. With Medical on the 21st, i hope it comes back before the 30th.

    I remember having to take my Visa application with me last time. Do they post that to you when you book the embassy meeting? I'm so worried that i wont have enough time to book my embassy/ attend it and get it back before i go on Dec 2nd, which is still actually about a month at most depending how soon i can get my meeting.
  7. BriarRose

    BriarRose New Member

    No problem, I wish I had someone telling me what to do at the time! 8)

    What agency are you with? I'm with the Excellent Agency, I'm guessing they might do things a little differently from others but this is how it worked for me.

    I had my medical results posted to me within a week, but that was before they'd given me a start date, so I couldn't book my Visa appointment until I had that anyway. So as soon as I knew my start date, I booked the visa appointment over the phone. They emailed me confirmation of my appointment and confirmation that I'd paid for the visa. You need to take both of these documents with you to the embassy. Before you go to the embassy, you need to fill out the application online and submit it to them. I printed it off as well and took it with me but they didn't ask to see it.

    You also need to take with you your blue letter/Contract of employment. They take that off you at the embassy and your passport, and send them both back to you. I got my things back I think it was 2 or 3 days later.
  8. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    Again, thanks for putting my mind at rest as i doubt it's too different. I'm with 'International Services' who are based in France.

    I have a start date of Dec 2nd but not got my Blue contract through. Probably wont get that till i give them my medical results and Background check back.

    With my Medical im hoping to have the results of that plus Background check with my agency by the beginning of November and get into my embassy meeting before 10th. That will then allow me more than enough time to get the Visa back and get organised to go.
  9. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    Sigh, had my medical today and i didn't completely pass yet. Everything was fine except my Urine Test. Rushed to my Doctor after and it's just a Minor Urine Infection and said it's nothing to worry about.

    God knows what or how it will affect my going by the 2nd december
  10. Sofiluks

    Sofiluks New Member

    Dont worry! it wont, the doc has to send a letter you are under treatment. When i went for the medical the dr told me that disney cruise line is the most norrow when it comes to health that if something is wrong they have to send a letter explaining that you are being treated so i wouldnt worry much, did the dr told you something??? for the embasy you need an employee letter that disney sends to book the visa they dont ask for it, but when you have the apptment then you have to show it... hope this helps... and im sure you are going to be fine...!!! ;D
  11. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    I still have over 5 weeks so i should be fine.

    1. My Criminal Background check arrived back today. Thats done and dusted.

    2. Going Back to my Doctor this coming week to get treatment for my minor infection. Probably just antibiotics. Hopefully by the end of the first week of november, it will be sorted and signed off as fit to cruise.

    3. Receive Blue Contract and book embassy meeting before the 10th November. Away from the 10th-14th seeing family and friends.

    4. Attend Embassy as soon as im back and then the Passport will be back within a couple of days apparently.
  12. Sofiluks

    Sofiluks New Member

    woohooo and you are almost ready, now just wait.... ;D
  13. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    OK, after two trips to my own GP, He cant an infection and says im fine. Going to collect my letter from him by Tuesday which i need to Fax back to Harley to say im all good.

    Also got an email today from Disney to say that they are sending my COE letter out to me today via FedEx. I thought they had to wait to get the medical back before sending it?

    Oh well, all good as it hopefully means i can get into the Embassy BEFORE i go and visit friends/family in Manchester on the 10th.
  14. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    Embassy Appointment is this Thursday the 4th. whoop whoop. Went for a 10.30am slot as i hate too early mornings.

    Now have to fill in the new DS160 form online. Looks like a bloody mind field.
  15. Disney_Geek

    Disney_Geek Member

    Oh Lee man!!! I have my appointment on the 3rd! You should have booked it for then. Then I could have had someone to chat to while I'm bored waiting ha ha.
  16. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    ah man, i could have gone for tomorrow or wednesday but wanted time to make sure i do my form perfect as i don't want to do it again, especially when it costs $140 a time which i forgot about .lol
  17. Disney Dude

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  18. Disney_Geek

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    Yey! My visa came today :D ;D
  19. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    That was quick. wednesday was your interview wasn't it?
  20. Disney_Geek

    Disney_Geek Member

    Yeah man... One of the best reasons that you should go with the cheaper postal option ha ha. ;D

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