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  1. cowza

    cowza New Member

    Just wanted to say goodluck to everyone here joining the Dream... it's going to be slightly crazy but you will meet some of the best people there sent from the Magic/Wonder.

    Anyone joining the Magic/Wonder... get ready for some super exciting itineries... and maybe you'll see me there!

  2. Disney_Geek

    Disney_Geek Member

    Yey I'm going to be on the magic :D

    I hope to see you some day ;D
  3. patito77

    patito77 New Member

    TY man, ty for your precious info about ship life that surely helped me in my Application Process. I'll reach the other guys in Florida Jan the 3rd and will be aboard The Dream.-

    I'm so sorry you wont' work there with us (is that for sure? any chance for you to join us? let us know...)

    Your job seems to be very good, hope I'll be able to say the same at the end of my experience ;D ;D

    Have fun

    ;) ;)
  4. cowza

    cowza New Member

    Oh you'll have a blast I'm sure!

    I was actually supposed to go to the dream... But not until may.

    However I opted out of it in favor of staying on the wonder.

    Saying that things change all the time! All it takes is someone to quit then suddenly you find your whole ship route changed haha. For my position anyway because there aren't so many of us.

    So never say never.

    I can't tell you how many awesome people will be part of ya on the dream though! You're in safe hands.
  5. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    Patito, have i got you on Facebook mate.

    Although all my documents are sorted, im going to give Disney till wednesday to get back to me with more info before i call them. They told me dec 2nd and i don't know know if that means i need to fly out a day or 2 earlier. Plus i'd like to get organised and flight booked
  6. patito77

    patito77 New Member

    I'm glad you did it, but I'm not on fb yet, maybe you have add another patito ;D

    BTW do you guys now other italians join us on the Dream?

    Wud be proud to be the only one there ;D but I know it's not posible ;) ;)

    Forza ragazzi uscite allo scoperto, almeno non mi sentirò "solo" in questa fantastica avventura

    Ciao Ciao
  7. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    Does anyone know if it'w worth having a mobile phone while working on the cruise line?
  8. Disney_Geek

    Disney_Geek Member

    I would like to ditto that question! :)
  9. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    no sure on that but i know when i went on the cruise my american mobile worked for most of the journey and while in port so.....yeah, maybe worthwhile having an american one??
  10. cowza

    cowza New Member

    I would recommend taking a cell phone... but not a contract one because that is going to be real expensive with the constant roaming charges.

    If you take along an unlocked phone that can accept sim cards there is a sim card you can buy so that you can make calls/receive texts at sea. It is kind of expensive but cheaper than using 'oceanphone' from the phone in your cabin. It's useful to have if you are desperate to call home.

    American cell phone is a great idea. Whichever ship you end up in you should be in an american port at least two times a week. I actually use that to call to the UK when I need to. And it's not extortionate to text home either.

    Internet is my biggest pet hate on the ship. It can get really expensive... so I recommend avoiding it wherever possible. Get off in port and use the free faster access!
  11. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    Cheers for that mate. Interesting.

    I think i may take my laptop with me still so i can watch movies and drop my photos onto, but avoid the internet.

    Originally, my plan was to buy a UK Iphone (unlocked here) and stick a US sim card in it. Then i thought about a US Iphone on contract but now even that doesn't seem worth doing.
  12. cowza

    cowza New Member

    Hmmm... all depends who you will be calling haha! If you have a lot of friends in the US a contract could be worth it... but then most companies make you sign a minimum 24 month contract which kinda sucks if you don't stay in the US that long. You would probably still incur roaming charges though in the Caribbean.

    Most of the pay as you go networks have 'bundles' and 'pay monthly services' now. I find these are pretty good coz you can pick and choose what you need. Phones are definitely cheaper in the UK... I've yet to see a company that offer free handsets on a contract in the US. So if you want a new phone I stay stick with the UK!
  13. patito77

    patito77 New Member

    Cowza the most important thing you can tell about the coverage of the services during the "ship journey" to the Caribbean... I mean has AT&T service while the ship is in Nassau (I mean US coverage not international roaming of course...)
    Has "metro pcs" coverage in the Isalnds? Because if we take a cell phone that just works in PC... how can it be worth for us...

    I need an american sim card with an american number but he must have an american "signal" that's because from Italy who call me need to "call" an american cell phone (and it can't result in the bahamas... if not... who call me doesn't spend lot of money BUT I DO as I'm in roaming).-

    If we stay in Port Canaveral we can use long distance calls card that allows us to call Europe for less than 1 cent p/minute... so we don't need a mobile. It could be worth if we can text message with it but if there isn't coverage in the Bahamas and we go with the roaming rates uhm text messages can be more expensive than Internet...

    We talked about this long time ago and as you can see I still have not decided which is the better thing to do...
    Hopefully The Dream will be in PC 3 times per week ;D ;D so we can use wifi internet there and guess it's for free...

    I'm starting to thing that the internet aboard the ships will be the better way to communicate for us. Having a laptop we can write all our email offline and just send them in few minutes ;D ;D

    Another question for Cowza or Tino... is Internet Service over the ships improved? I'm quite worried about the fact that the dream can host till 5.000 persons and lot of them will use the net during "At sea" days, that cud be a problem...

    Have fun guys
  14. cowza

    cowza New Member

    Most Europeans I know do not have us cell phones... Only the British really. For the most part they buy calling cards and join the masses of people who use the ship phones on cape canaveral days. There are a set of phones on the ship they can connect to landlines on a canaveral day. I tend to stay clear tho just coz a lot of people use them.

    Internet is a ongoing debAte. You will use it... There is no way around it really. Because like you said it is the best way to communicate while at sea. It's probably equivalent to the speed of dial up... So things like Skype come and go... And downloading anything is usually a big no no. There are times when it is slower than others. Usually between 11pm and 1 am when everyone is using it. And sometimes you can't even get on it because it can only cope with so many users logged into it at anyone time.

    The dream will is doing 5, 4 and 3 night cruises so you will be in canaveral approximate 2 times a week. If you don't have to work in the morning you'll be able to go get free Internet somewhere. And there are loads of places.
  15. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    How much do they charge for the internet then?
  16. patito77

    patito77 New Member

    Thx a lot Cowza maybe using internet while people is sun bathing in Cc must be the only solutions to communicate with Msn or Skype ;D
    It could be enough to text messaging with my gf sending pics will be the same than a videocall (but plz don't tell her this)
    This must be the only way to stay "tuned" every single day (that's what I promised to her before to apply ;D ;D)

    Btw thx for all your time, I appreciate it

    To avoid the lines in PC a mobile phone will be fine... the rates will be the same, and, as I said for less than 20$ I can be called from Europe to my Us mobile... for 50 hours in a month (considering that I'll be in Pc 8 days in the months that means 6 hours of phone calls... MY LIFE WILL BE RUINED I KNOW ;D ;D but it's the only way to find my keys once at home...

  17. cowza

    cowza New Member

    the internet works through cards. They are $20 for 200 minutes.

    And no problem about the questions. I remember what it was like when I started. There was little to no information available. I had to learn it all for myself haha.

    I do wonder how they will do your traditions on the Dream. You won't get to stay at Disney World :-( I hope they take you when you get to Florida!
  18. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    I really hope we get to go but part of me thinks it's not happening now if Traditions is being done in Amsterdam. I really want to go and visit friends
  19. cowza

    cowza New Member

    It's a pretty easy drive on port days for your friends to visit if they can. It doesn't even take an hour. And occasionally they run crew trips to downtown disney and Florida Mall :) Unfortunately the mall in Cape Canaveral is pretty dire so i'm sure you will appreciate the change of scenery once in a while haha
  20. patito77

    patito77 New Member

    Where are you now Cowza?

    ;) The bus to downtown disney and the florida mall sounds pretty good, even because I'll be there in january and still have to understand what kind of clothes I'll need... summer style winter style... ???

    I've been twice in Disney World for the new year's eve in last 5 years but as I could remeber during the day we had good weather sunny and hot enough to ride the parks with short sleeves tshirt... But, after the sunset was pretty cold... Now considering the fact that we will never be outside after the sunset I have to decide if it's worth to fill the suitcase with long sleeves Tshirt sweatshirt or things like that... (don't really think so...) Maybe you can tell us what's the "weather" inside the ship, maybe the deck can be very cold due to air conditioners... or very hot (if air conditioner are used just for the guests lol)

    Thx for your time as ever (seems to abuse of it, indeed that's it I know but as you said... you are the only person we can ask things like that...)


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