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    I am on vacation right now so time is on my hands haha.

    When I first moved to Florida three years ago I was told to pack nothing but shorts and t shirts... WORST ADVICE EVER!! Haha.

    Florida can get very cold. Last winter they even talked of it snowing.

    The weather isn't extreme like somewhere like Colorado but from November til as late as February it can get pretty chilly in the mornings and the evening. I remember a really bad day last November in Key West. Those of us who got off the ships had our hats and thick coats on.

    Even the Bahamas can have some bad days. It doesn't get cold like it can in Florida but if the weather is bad in Nassau or Castaway Cay, the winds can be quite strong. You'll be fine at work though... there are coats you can get from costuming for these colder occasions.

    My advice... for the most part you'll be able to wear shorts... t shirts. But pack at least one hoody and some long pants for the occasions where it might be a little colder. I'm sure you are going to have all that with you for Amsterdam anyway!
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    Yep the same I told you before... I'm sure it won't be a "summer holiday" but not even that cold...

    Luckily I won't start from Amsterdam but fly to Mco Jan the 3rd so i'll have traditiond in wdw. ;D

    Maybe I won't have so much time to visit all the shop (mall and outlet) I want to... but enough to purchase a sim card :D :D

    So things are getting clear now... Just need my Visa (lol) the embassy is closed due to works so I have to wait december to get it :mad:

    It's a pleasure (and a treasure) to read you Cowza.-


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