Spring 2010?

Discussion in 'Walt Disney World College Program' started by hevflies, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. hevflies

    hevflies New Member

    Im planning on going Spring 2010. Anyone else going?

    Id like to meet some people I'll be with down there!
  2. j.fritschij

    j.fritschij New Member

    I will be going to WDW in January '10. I've been accepted on the J1 for a role in Hospitality! What kind of role are you interested in?
  3. hevflies

    hevflies New Member

    Im trying to go for Hospitality as well, but our interviews are in the fall semester so I wont know for months. How are you already in and accepted?

    Do you know where your going to be working?
  4. hevflies

    hevflies New Member

    Your coming from the netherlands! How cool! Hopefully I get to see you!

    Im 19 too. But im coming from Las Vegas :)
  5. j.fritschij

    j.fritschij New Member

    I have sent Yummy Jobs an e-mail in late december with the question when to apply for January '10 program. So they replied and asked for my CV. In March I had my F2F and a week later I got an e-mail saying that I've got a position in Hospitality but this was for the Summer ICP. So I sent an e-mail back. Yummy Jobs told me that they made a mistake and that I got accepted for Jan. '10. ;D

    I already got some information papers, but I really can't wait to get my DISNEY PACK!! I don't know the arrival and departure dates yet.

    Hope to see you in WDW as well! Hope you do well in the F2F! Good luck with that!

    Jason 8)
  6. Sashag

    Sashag New Member

    Hi WDW lovers :)

    I am new to this forum, and eager to meet others that will be participating in the J1 programme summer 2010.

    I will begin the programme July 20th.....

    reply soon ;)
  7. sam9861

    sam9861 New Member

    i m new here and i want know that what is going on this forum...

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