Start date 4th December

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by Adzzzie, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Adzzzie

    Adzzzie New Member

    Hey guys,

    My start date is the 4th december 2012 in food & Beverage in the UK pavilion.

    Anyone got simliar?
  2. sandy*

    sandy* New Member

    yes, start date 4th december, german pavillon, f&b :)
  3. Hayley-jones

    Hayley-jones New Member

    hi when did you's apply and how long was it till you heard anything? :)
  4. Mausiii712

    Mausiii712 New Member

    same here...leaving on December 4th :)
    I'm also going to work in the German pavillion (F&B)
  5. StephM

    StephM New Member


    My start date is december 4 as well. I'm from Canada and will be working attraction...super excited! :)
    Feel free to add me on facebook : Steph Massicotte
  6. ChantelleKitchen

    ChantelleKitchen New Member


    I am december 4th UK F+B ... YAY!! SO excited :)
  7. Kiseki-man

    Kiseki-man New Member

    Hi there!
    My start date is 4th December too! Italian pavillon F&B ;D

    See ya
  8. StephM

    StephM New Member

  9. b9scottuk

    b9scottuk New Member

    Heyy, Also F&B starting 4th December in UK Pavilion !!

    How do you get the name badge on here that says "33 days" etc?

    Super excited :)

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