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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by disneytastic, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. VickyPul

    VickyPul New Member

    Thanks :) Well 6 weeks is a bit longer than I thought but its still definitely manageable. :)
  2. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    6 weeks?! :eek: Gah, I don't think my sanity will hold out that long! Please be sooner!
  3. disneytastic

    disneytastic New Member

    she said at the latest, so im phycologically preparing mysef that it ill end on the 31st of this month. god i hope we get off it within the next few if not ill be deverstated :(x
  4. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    Haha I know, but I always seem to focus my attention on the longest possible time we could be waiting.
  5. smagfx

    smagfx New Member

    6 more weeks? Pfft that's nothing =] 6 weeks ago it was the last week in January and we're only at the beginning of March =D 6 weeks will fly by and every other day we'll be reading about someone getting off the list until we're all off =] It's been one heck of a marathon but now we can see the finish line ^_^

    On a different note:

    [smg id=176]

    [smg id=175]

    [smg id=174]
  6. Mikey_M

    Mikey_M New Member

    they look awesome man well done :)
  7. agb1985

    agb1985 New Member

    Hey guys! My name is Anna from Mexico, well I've also been wait listed! I just got the letter this friday, and it's my first time applying.
    Are all of u from the same place?? just curious!
    Well anyways we all share the same dream :D I hope we get news soon!!

    ps. Nice shirts by the way!! ;D
  8. CarlaTink

    CarlaTink New Member

    Hi Anna! Yes we do all share the same dream! That's what makes Disney people soo great and easy to get along with! ;D

    LOOOVVVEEE The T-Shirts!! They are gorgeous! I want the pink one, lol. ;D
  9. mushu

    mushu New Member

    The tshirts are great! The font and decoration are gorgeous.
  10. disneytastic

    disneytastic New Member

    hey again :)

    I have just been thinking about it and if the waitlist ends in 4-6 weeks, there will no longer be a wait list (obviously), so that if people drop out and they have no one to fill them with for a few months as i assume new applicants will hear about whether they have positions in early june that will be 2 months with no waitlist... please correct me if i am talking absolute nonsense.

    ..thats made much better sense in my head... ???

  11. Dandan

    Dandan New Member

    I was thinking the exacaact same thing. I think they're planning to get back to us by the time they've replied to this year's applicants for phone interviews. Seems a bit odd that they're ditching the waitlist for two months. Surely there must be positions for us...
  12. disneytastic

    disneytastic New Member

    exactly what i was thinking, they surely must be dates for us...?? I HOPE SO :)...please please please:)!xx
  13. VickyPul

    VickyPul New Member

    I'm not understanding (but I'd like too cos it sounds good lol). How are they dropping the waitlist for 2 months- it was only going to be till march originally anyway? Confuzzled...?
  14. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    Sign me up for a waitlist t-shirt! :)

    Sarah I was thinking the exact same thing too... i've given up trying to work out Disney's system though. Who knows what they think/ how they decide things. ???

    Vicky- because our Waitlist will end in March/April, and they are not interviewing new applicants until June. Therefore they will have 2 months with no one on the list. Whereas normally when one waitlist ends, the next one starts.
  15. disneytastic

    disneytastic New Member

    haha,no worries, my thoughts where...again im not very good at explaining this particular situation!lol.

    we come off the list at the end of march. then there will be no waitlist at all for anyone until theres a new wait list for the new applicants. so there will be a 2 month period of no wait list. and i was wondering if anyone drops out they will have no one to fill there space...

  16. disneytastic

    disneytastic New Member

    so have i megan! My mind is baffled! :) i never know what they are going to do r say ???xx
  17. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    The only thing that I have seen them do before (through my many applications, lol!) is ask people with a later date if they are able to go out any earlier, and then use new people to fill up the now available later date.

    But like I said, no point trying to second guess the system... it just makes my brain hurt!
  18. VickyPul

    VickyPul New Member

    Oh I seeeee. I'm not very bright lol. Inneresting... God knows what their plans are now lol
  19. disneytastic

    disneytastic New Member

    wish i wasnt so obsessed, i come on here atleast 90 times day!lol!

    ....i joke but literally whenever im home i obsess...sigh

    obviously i wish we were all taken off the list months go but pleased i have someone to share and understand the stress and anxiety of it all xx
  20. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    Totally agree with you there Sarah. I couldn't imagine being the only one left on the list. I would feel so unloved!

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