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    So have you had F2F interviews already then, sorry I'm getting confused with who's from where etc LOL. x
  2. disneydreamer88

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    Hiya!! Oh my gosh it's great to know someone else is from Derby too!! where abouts are you from? I'm in Alvaston. :) Yeah I as pleased with my questions but because I didn't know what to expect I was just literally babble babble babble. LOL. and my answer for the disney character was just soooo random. hahaha. I said "honestly? Tinkerbell - but then again I'm not 4ft tall and I'm pretty confident the zipwire coming out the window of the castle for Wishes won't hold me. LOL!" so instead I said I'd be a chipmunk because I'm fun and love to laugh but also caring. N then also went on to be a princess because that's something every little girl dreams of and I'm still a little girl inside. :D HAHAHAHA. how cheese hey!

    As for Derby, the best I came up with was we the center of the UK, and also the dead center in that we're the most haunted city. hahaha. after all, what else can be said about Derby really? I mentioned about new plans for things to be built etc but I did get stuck, honestly.

    Are you yet to have your interview?
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    Yeah disneydreamer we're the waitlisters from the summer 2010 recruitment season, still holding on tight waiting for the call! Believe me, if you're serious about working as a CRP get ready to do some SERIOUS waiting :p but sounds like you did well on your phone interview, so I bet you have nothing to worry about ;)

    Dan =]
  4. disneydreamer88

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    Ohhhh gosh you've been waiting a while then, I really hope you hear something soon. :) so have you basically been guaranteed to go, but you're waiting for the call to say when you'll be going? Oh gosh I am definitely serious :D I've never wanted so much in my life haha. It's something thats always been of interest to me, but I've never had the guts to go ahead and apply :) so now I'm literally like "I'm going to do it!" I hope I did do well, and it's a bit of a relief to hear you think I did well given my answers :) so thank you!

  5. 626Stitch

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    Unfortunately, no. If you're waitlisted after the face to face interviews, you're not guaranteed to go. Normally the waitlist is there in case someone who has been offered a place drops out, or Disney decide they need more people. However, they've changed it slightly this year, and decided that they will use waitlisters for start dates at the end of the year, instead of new applicants. We're still not guaranteed a role though, but it's more likely than if it was just the usual waitlist process for us. But yup, you need to get used to the waiting- it doesn't get any easier! Good luck with your application, it's sounds like your phone interview went well :)
  6. catfish278

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    MASSIVE GOOD LUCK guys for tomorrow, I'm keeping my fingers crossed you all get dates sooner rather than later and I can't wait to hear when you do! ;D
  7. disneydreamer88

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    So... let me get this right now, if you get to the F2F stage does everyone 'successful' from those go on a waitlist or do Disney/Yummy Jobs select those definitely to go within the next few months and offer definite places?? ??? Sorry I keep asking questions, i'm just new to the process :) hehe. I really hope you guys hear something soon though, just think that it could be all worth it in the end as at the end of the day if they weren't interested in you, you wouldn't have been put on the waitlist :) so try keep positive! x
  8. 626Stitch

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    If you have a face to face, you can have one of 3 results:

    1: You are told no, you're not right for the position. And that's it. If you wanna try again, you are more than welcome, but basically, Disney didn't think you were a right candidate.

    2: You are given a start date and role (position) straight away, the start date could be for any time based on what you said you're availability it. For example, from our interviews people were given start dates from Feb 2011 through to Sept 2011. So some people didn't have much of a wait, whereas others would have had nearly a year until they go out.

    3: You are waitlisted (or 'opportunity listed' as Disney call it). This is where Disney really like you and want to offer you a position, but at that particular time, there are non available. You are told at that point how long you will be kept on the waitlist for. For us, we were told it would be until March 31st 2011. If you get contacted and offered a date beforehand, you are off the waitlist. But if you are not, then come that date, you are no longer on it and will be required to start the application process all over again if you so wish. You will be taken off the waitlist if someone drops out, has been fired etc or if Disney didn't anticipate it being as busy and need more Cast Member. If you are taking the place of someone who has dropped out or been fired who is already in Florida, then chances are that you will pick up their visa, therefore you might not be out there for the whole year. Say they left 4 months into their program, you (could) be only going out for 8 months (the time left on their visa.) Back in February though, we were contacted and informed by Yummy Jobs that Disney wanted to use us for dates at the end of the year, so Oct through to December. So they were checking our availability and if we were still interested, they also told us that we could be waiting until April now. And here we still are lol.
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    I logged on thinking you UKers woulda all got your roles ???
  10. Em.Porter

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    I just got my email from Hannah! Food and Bev starting 18th October! Hope everyone else has received good news after this long wait! Emily x
  11. disneytastic

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    hey guys :) hope all is well, i have just found out i will be working in merchandise on the 6th of december !

    I got the email at exactly 4.55, so excited and i am 100% sure everyone else on this long long waitlsit will get off soon!

    So pleased this site has been here and everyone has been so supportive of each other!!

    lots of love and hugs guys xxxx

    ...p.s sounds like im leaving but i am not!lol
  12. Mikey_M

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    hi guys got offered f and beverage nov 1st start date :) congrats to everyone else
  13. VickyPul

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    Woohoo!! Congratulations everyone!! ;D ;D ;D

    Still some people to hear from...
  14. Dandan

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    Oh my god guys 18th of oct!!! F&b!!! at work was having a rubbish day now I can't stop smiling!!! What did everybody else get? :) x
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    Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been on recently, been 'cat-sitting' for my Auntie in Sheffield so I haven't had any internet access =[
    Got back home not long ago and read the board and was like....OMG PEOPLE HAVE DATES!! I checked my e-mails the fastest I've ever checked them before.

    I start Oct 18th, leaving the 12th =D after my hands have stopped shaking I'm gunna get that print machines running and make those tees lol congrats guys, we did it ^_^ xx
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    Now to calm these happy tears!!!
  17. VickyPul

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    OMG guys I'm so ridiculously happy for everyone!!

    Wow Megan that's so soon! You'll be there before me :D

    Edit: Does that mean you can defer your uni place and start when you get back? That works out amazingly if it does! :)
  18. 626Stitch

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    Yeah it does hopefully!!!

    I'll give them a ring tomorrown and find out :)

  19. El1987

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    I'm so so happy for you all!!!!

    Big congratulations! xx

    How are you all feeling now that you finally know?
  20. catfish278

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    WAHHHH SO HAPPY FOR YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll hopefully meet you guys out there! :p I admire you all for being so patient, you are fantastic examples of Cast Members to all potential applicants!

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