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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by disneytastic, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. xSarahLizx

    xSarahLizx New Member

    Aww thank you Vicky!! I hope you guys get places really soon too.. you are undoubtedly the nicest, most supportive and most patient group of people I've met! You all deserve places and I'd love to see you out there!

    I did the phone interview with Jill and Beverley from HRC.. my first ever conference call so had to go through all the nerves again. But as it's HRC and an affiliate company they just want to speak to you and tell you more about the role, so I didn't mind another phone call seeing as it actually led somewhere. Now just got to let it sink in, keep pinching myself! xx
  2. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    Congratulations! :) xoxo
  3. xSarahLizx

    xSarahLizx New Member

    Thank you so much guys.. you are all AWESOME! xx
  4. smagfx

    smagfx New Member

    Congrats hunni, that's brilliant news =D
    When you heading over? xx
  5. xSarahLizx

    xSarahLizx New Member

    May 3rd!! So quite soon really.. it's 10 days before my birthday, so that will be cool. It turn's out I'll be there before a lot of the others that found out in Oct, it's a small accomplishment but it makes me feel better! Good things come to those who wait!
    And god knows you guys have waited so long... I honestly can't describe how much I want you guys to get it xx
  6. smagfx

    smagfx New Member

    Talk about icing on the proverbial birthday cake! =D Fantastic!! and to think that just 24hrs ago you didn't know what/when/how to now being told you'll spend your in florida!! I think I speak for all of us when I say 'keep florida warm for us' cus we won't be far behind =] xx
  7. Charlyjo

    Charlyjo New Member

    Congrats hun. thats so exciting. :D
    Positive thinking and dreams do come true!!!

    x x x x
  8. CarlaTink

    CarlaTink New Member

    Congratulations!! ;D ;D ;D We could not hate you, you only get this opportunity once so you need to just grab it!! Hopefully the rest of us will come off soon.
    Am sooo past waiting now. I want to know.
  9. doddi92

    doddi92 New Member

    I'm so happy for you! And that's great news that the waiting list is finally moving! :) Why do I not have you on Facebook Sarah? See you out there in August! x
  10. Dandan

    Dandan New Member

    Woooo ;D more awesome news! Big CONGRATS!! I think that's about half of us off here off the list now? I've become so used to waiting now that after 5pm and on weekends I'm waiting to start waiting again haha :p I hope it's our turn soon!!
  11. xSarahLizx

    xSarahLizx New Member

    Thank you so much guys!! Again I honestly can't express how much you guys deserve to get a place, you're all fantastic!
    And Myah you do have me on Facebook.. and anyone else who wants to add me... my name is Sarah Holden and the display picture is of me graduating, wearing glasses.. if that helps?! xx
  12. MJ

    MJ New Member

    hi everyone~ nice to know you from this forum
    gaining new friends, anyway i'm from Indonesia
    i just knew this forum, i'm on waiting list too, don't know when will be my turn
    but i will wait..

    hope the good news will come to us someday~
  13. Dandan

    Dandan New Member

    Hi guys! Hope you're all good ;D just thought I'd post to keep the thread plodding along seeing as there has been nothing for a whole two days!! How are we holding up? I'm finally doing a good job of putting this to the back of my mind now as I think in my heart of hearts that's it now, I really don't think I'm going but still holding on to that ounce of hope! So, I went ahead and booked my holiday in June. Neeeeeed something to look forward to!

    Has anybody considered reapplying for 2012 if we didn't get off in the next couple of months?

    ohh, and hi MJ, what programme you doing? Welcome to the CRP waitlistee committee :D
  14. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    I'm getting mighty impatient again. Trying to find ways to distract myself. Still feeling positive, but again still not assuming. Some days I manage to put it to the back of my mind, but then there are other days when it rarely leaves my thoughts. I'm definitely going on holiday in May.... well if I don't get sent out there before then! I know that there is probably no chance of being sent out before then, but I don't want to risk it and book it. I'm going to California and we have booked one hotel because we don't want it booking up, but we can cancel without losing any money if we need to.

    I'm in 2 minds about reapplying. I probably would, knowing that the interviews would be in June- I have nothing to lose. But if I ended up on the waitlist again I would take myself off of it and just go to uni in the autumn. I can't keep putting it on hold for all this uncertainty.

    But for now, just sat here twiddling my fingers- that's all I seem to be doing with everything these days.

    Let's keep the positivity though guys, I hate to sound cheesy and so High School Musical- but we're all in this together! :)

  15. disneytastic

    disneytastic New Member

    The phone call we received a couple of week ago seemed to have relieved my tension. However i have lost my spark of positivity. and if its meant to be it will be. ill apply again when applications open but i wont wait with bated breath like i did this time. we all deserve to go sometime tis year and i think it would be very unfair if we didn't but its totally out of our control:-(

    hope we all get a place soon :) i still definitely think it'll be between oct and nov if we do :) finger crossed x
  16. VickyPul

    VickyPul New Member

    I think I'd apply again but I wouldn't throw myself into it the same way. I'd resubmit my CV and obviously hope for a place but I think come April I'm going to start concentrating on my long term career because the area I want to go into will be a graduate-enty type thing and the longer I wait since graduation the harder it will be.You can put a positive spin on a year working abroad but a year working in a shop doesn't sell you the same way!

    So thinking back over the phone call I realise I'm still a bit confuzzled- is march 31st still the cut off date or could it be later? if so, how long?

    Really hope there's some news soon!
  17. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    They are hoping to let us know what is happening/ giving out dates for the end of the year by the end of March, but Disney have told Yummy now that it could realistically be April we are told now.
  18. mushu

    mushu New Member

    Sounds like March is going to be a busy month for Yummy Jobs!!
  19. Dandan

    Dandan New Member

    Que será, será whatever will be will be. I'm begining to forget about it now to be honest... I've gotten good at twiddling my thumbs, sat at work dreaming of something better lol. Time to start concentrating on career, I agree; but UCAS are taking their sweet ass time too.

    I'm off to Mexico in June ;D excited! I figured no point going to Florida if I'm gonna be living there not long after, otherwise that would have won hands-down, obviously! If it just so happens I get a Disney date before or not long after June then I'm gonna re-book the holiday to Florida for the week before my departure date so I don't loose anything. Sorted!

    Just think, if we hadn't been told that they were recruiting for the end of the year then it would be totally hopeless at this point to still be stuck on the waitlist with the amount of us still on it. Suppose we should count our lucky stars, but 129 days is a heck of a long wait - even when we were initially listed I didn't think we'd all be waiting this long!

    On the bright side, If we do find out in April that would be a nice 21st birthday surprise! :)
  20. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    Which is why a teenie tiny ounce of me is hoping we find out before March... Oh to dream!!

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