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    So I think this would mainly help people who don't live in the US or maybe who live in the northern part of the country.
    I'm Canadian and I've been trying to find out more about the climate and wildlife of Florida. It's been difficult for me to find the kind of info I'm looking for.
    I would be interested in knowing what the weather in Florida is like depending on the season, as well as knowing if there are any creepy crawlies I should keep an eye out for? There's not a lot of dangerous insects or reptiles or really any sort of animals in Canada to worry about that aren't dog sized or larger.
    I dunno maybe I'm the only one interested in this but I figured I'd suggest it any ways.
  2. Brittany89

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    The weather channel site has this chart about average temperatures in Orlando over the year
    (at the bottom of the link you can change it into metric units so its in Celsius if it didn't copy that way)

    Florida does have little lizards everywhere. When I was there I don't remember seeing them in the parks that much, but outside the parks they are everywhere. They are harmless, just gotta watch out for them on the ground. They are also very quick.

    I have only been to Florida in June and July when its been super hot, and I don't recall many bugs because it was so humid. This was also in 2005/2006 so things could of changed since then.

    I hope this helps, Google is always a good recourse to look up these things.

    I am from Winnipeg by the way.

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