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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by Pip101, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. Pip101

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    Hi, just to let you guys know that there is a secret fb group. We mainly help each other out with the application process as there is different people who got to different points in the process. It's also secret so if you don't want someone to know about you applying its handy. So if you want to join to talk about the application or just give your friends/ family a break from talking about it, feel free to post your fb address or pm me so I can add you ^_^.
  2. GeorgieeClark

    GeorgieeClark New Member

    Is this for all CRP applicants for 2014 or just the summer program?
  3. Pip101

    Pip101 Member

    It's for the year program.
  4. LizaJayne32

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  5. Pip101

    Pip101 Member

    I've added you on fb
  6. GeorgieeClark

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  7. Pip101

    Pip101 Member

    I've added you
  8. tink13

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  9. Pip101

    Pip101 Member

    I've added you
  10. Jenna88

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    Good luck guys! Make sure to keep us posted on here as well as in your Facebook group :)
  11. tinafusco123

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  12. tinafusco123

    tinafusco123 New Member

  13. I want to join guys but I might hold off and wait until I hear back after the initial application stage. I don't want to jinx anything!

    Good luck everyone!
  14. Immy

    Immy New Member

    Think I am going to do the same. Application opens tomorrow. Spending tonight proof reading my cover letter and CV to ensure no stupid mistakes.

    Good luck everyone
  15. Pip101

    Pip101 Member

    That's fine. Good luck with your applications ^_^
  16. pulelehua

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  17. Pip101

    Pip101 Member

    I've sent a request to you
  18. sheebzie

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  19. Pip101

    Pip101 Member

    Iv added you
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