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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by Pip101, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. jack_1992

    jack_1992 New Member

    If anyone could add me too id appreciate it!
  2. Pip101

    Pip101 Member

    I've sent a request to you
  3. Hey guys, I got through to the pre-screens! Would someone be able to add me to the FB Group please?
    Thank-you! :D welldone to everyone who got an interview!
  4. KirstyBell92

    KirstyBell92 New Member

    Hey Guys :) I just got my e-mail inviting me to the next stage, super excited ;D Would someone be able to add me to the Facebook group please?

    Congrats to anyone else who has found out, can't wait to meet everyone :D :D
  5. Louiejordan

    Louiejordan New Member

  6. Rebecca03

    Rebecca03 New Member

  7. AmandainWonderland

    AmandainWonderland New Member

  8. Pete04

    Pete04 New Member

    So I managed to get through to the pre-screens this time around. Manchester on the 4th!

    Could you possibly add me to the Facebook group? Thanks :)

  9. TastyTorz

    TastyTorz New Member


    I have been invited to the next stage of the CRP application.
    Can someone please add me to the group?
    Thanks Very Much

    Victoria :)

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