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  1. pinkspideruk

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    best thign to do is just be honest about ya tattoos with the recruiter and see what they say - maybe for some contracts it will eman u work in different location for those on crp tho your costume cant be changed at all and u cant change location so best to make sure

    on the other hand ti depends on how flexible the managers are

    on my last contract a girl had a huge amount of tattoos on her neck, arms, wrists, legs etc and they let her work there by covering them with foundation - and so not a good job of covering them anyways
  2. Lesley86

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    as long as you can cover up your tattoos you will be ok, you can use make up for this or in some cases (and depending on your manager!) you may even get away with using band-aids or bandages etc to cover them! its better to be honest about them from the start of course and theres are sooo many people who work for disney that have lots of tattoos so they will have seen it all before, you just cant have any of them on show while your at work!!!
  3. kaylzscotland

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    aww god Im so glad someone has asked this haha I have two tattoo's on both feet (all the rest are hidden!!) but I got the job and I was panicking about how to cover it up, especially as I have been placed in food & bev and have heard the uniforms are shorter in the UK?? any advice would be appreciated :) x
  4. morrs084

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    I would suggest a heavy concealer, or.. in the Canadian pavillion, we were lucky to have long sleeves in the restaurant, but when we worked outside on popcorn you had to for example, if your tatoo was on your arm/wrist you would have to wear a long sleeve black shirt under your costume. Not ideal for the hot weather conditions, but they're quite strict about it and will do random checks on occasion. Or the "Disney Look Police" come around like every six months.. Ohhh they used to annoy me. Anywhoo.. if you're not in food & bev, you can use a watch to cover it up if it's on your wrist. Socks.. pants if you're allowed to wear them. They will have something for you, so i wouldn't worry. They're good at thinking of solutions.
  5. jamjam251

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    I've applied this year and I have a tattoo on my wrist and a watch wouldn't even cover half of it :/ I know about the Kat Von D make-up and was tempted to buy it online to give it a go but someone on here said that it's there anyone who has tried it and can give an opinion or any other type of concealer thats good? x
  6. doddi92

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    I've heard people recommend Dermablend, although I still would have thought in high heat it would wear off. If you are in F&B you shouldn't be allowed to wear make-up on your wrists, as it's not hygenic, and it would be pretty pointless as you have to wash your hands and I think up to your elbows on a regular basis or something? (I've got an email from Jill, I'll try and find it). If you stated you had these tattoos at your interview you shouldn't have a problem, however people who have lied/adapted tattoos since accepting the work position have been sent home. x
  7. secondstar

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    When you go to the site to apply for a job with the Disney Cruise Line they have a whole thing about a particular type of tattoo seems like it works pretty well, especially if they are endorsing it to all of their cruise employees...
  8. Discostu81

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    Really? I got knocked back by DCL because of my ink, they wouldn't budge on it in the slightest despite my having done the CRP and it not being an issue there. I should have just lied!
  9. jamjam251

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    I can totally understand about the whole hygiene thing for F&B, and I wouldn't blame Disney for sending people home if they have lied to them. Some one has recommended Coastal Scents to me, they do a Camouflage concealer palette which seems to work pretty well according to some of the videos on youtube :)
    Thats a bit harsh that they knocked you back Discostu considering you would be working for the same company :/ x
  10. kaylzscotland

    kaylzscotland New Member

    Coastal Scents & Dermablend, any others? I'm gonna look them up! x :)
  11. Discostu81

    Discostu81 New Member

    I didn't lie when I applied for the CRP, I just bent the truth slightly ;) Should have stuck to the same game plan really. The costume for Epcot just about covered my tatt but apparently the cruise one has a much lower collar so I wouldn't be able to get away with it.
  12. seabadger

    seabadger New Member

    So IF i'm actually successful, i don't have to worry about tattoos cause i am too chicken to get them, but i do however have a few good piercings and ears stretched. I am more than happy to take these out if i am successful but it will still break my wee heart.
  13. NZ_Jess

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    Knowing Disney, you will probably most likely have to take piercings out...
    I definitely can't see them letting you wear stretchers. Actually, I think for girls you can only have one stud in each ear and thats it.. pretty conservative haha!! Guys probably aren't allowed any.
  14. seabadger

    seabadger New Member

    Conservative is not the word haha, but taking them out is such a small price to pay for such an awesome opportunity!
  15. forloveofmusic

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    You will definitely have to take out your visible piercings. And you are only allowed one earring per ear, and there is even restrictions on what kind of earring you have to wear. Stud-style have to be plain (no star shapes, etc) and no bigger than a half inch I think it was... and hoops too, silver or gold no bigger than a quarter.

    I had 4 holes per ear before I started, all between 14g and 8g. The 14g ones I just took out, and the 8g over the months I accepted the position and my start date I switched then every couple of weeks to lower sizes until I could wear traditional earrings without it looking bad. I knew a girl with a tragus ring and if I remember right she took it out for work, and put it back when she was off because she didn't want it to close.
  16. doddi92

    doddi92 New Member

    I took my tragus piercing out for the interview and could never get it back in :(
  17. leeds disney fan

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    my friend from uni did the j1 program and wore a long sleve shirt to cover her tattoos, she worked in the world of disney in downtown disney
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  19. Einstien76

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    Some people use makeup but if you're outside especially, it's gotta be really good. I wouldn't be too worried, Cast members are FULL of tattoos!
  20. samuel191

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    I used make up for a while to cover up a tattoo on my arm, but found it took to long to cover up, so I switched to using a plaster which did the job. I also have a tongue piercing and never took it out, I just got a clear bar, I don't think anyone noticed it in the whole time I was there!

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