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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by LouRogerson, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. LouRogerson

    LouRogerson New Member

    Hi, I recently applied for a position through Yummy jobs and have got my telephone interview tomorrow; I was wondering if anyone could give me any idea of what to expect before then.

  2. LouRogerson

    LouRogerson New Member

    Thanks for the quick response Ellen, I'm a recent graduate of Staffrodshire Uni, 22 years old, live in the North West of England with parents, currently working as a PA / Office assistant in a small building contractors office.

    Applied for a similar job when I was about ten through a different agency, had been going to Disney every year since I was about 6 and so when I learnt how to write and send a letter properly I sent an application off, and the company had the decency to reply to me. Anyway side-tracked a bit there, I'm going travelling in January to places like Thailand, Fuji etc on my way to Australia where I hope to work for a year, afterwards myself and a friend are flying to America for a couple of months then coming home, so I thought if I apply now and get through the telephone interview then if successful I could be back in England for the face to face interview and start work in the September 2006 (IF successful!!!).

    Well that was me in a shortened version.

    Thanks again, wish me luck (am getting nervous already)

  3. Rudy

    Rudy New Member


    good luck with the telephone interview,

    at least you know when they are going to call you, i was asleep when i got mine (i worked shifts) luckily i woke up pretty quick and got my brain in gear to answer the questions.

    you'll be fine, just be yourself.

    Rudy ;D
  4. LouRogerson

    LouRogerson New Member

    Will be having my interview in about an hours time and am just wondering when and how you find out if you've been un-successful? Do they tell you there and then on the phone, or do they send a letter, or worst of all do they just not reply and give you a 'we'll call you' kind of phrase?

  5. DisneyMichelle

    DisneyMichelle Active Member

    Hey Lou, welcome to the boards!!! ;D

    Hope your telephone interview went well!!! Am sure you did great!! I love that you applied for a similar job when you were ten - that is so cool!!!

    You may have got your question answered in the interview but Ill answer it for you anyway!!

    Whichever way your telephone interview goes you'll hear by letter. Theyll either send you a letter saying congratulations, you passed and we'll contact you neaarer the interview time with more details or if you failed (which Im sure you wont have!!!) then you'll receive a letter saying they have more suitable qpplicants - or somehing along those lines!!!

    The Canadians are told on the phone if they passed or not which would be nicer and save some of the waiting around that is such a big part of the application process for the programme!!

    Let us know how it goes,

    Michelle xx
  6. tiggercharlotte

    tiggercharlotte New Member

    Hey Lou
    I guess its a bit late to say good luck for the phone interview- but good luck for the reply! :D Don't forget to let us know as soon as you can! ;D

    Charlotte x
  7. LouRogerson

    LouRogerson New Member

    Hi, thanks for all the nice comments. They said I should be informed within the month by letter, so fingers crossed.

    I think it went well on the whole, queried a little bit on the question of what would I tell an American about British culture, felt like rpelying with it depended what they wanted to know about it, found it a bit of an abstract question.

    Also whether it is intended as to see whether you can talk without being prompted but it was definately one of those one way conversations, there was no banter and she didn't prompt me to talk about myself so I just told her most things I can think of, hope it doesn't go against me.

    In case I'm not successful I've read a few of you mentioning you're re-applying soon, is there a certain time limit on what you have to wait before re-applying?

    Thanks again for the support, will keep you informed.

  8. tiggercharlotte

    tiggercharlotte New Member

    Hey Lou
    I don't think there's a specific time limit, but they told me and a few others to wait til December. I think that must be because there are interviews (face to face) in Novemeber, so they want us to wait til all that is over. But hopefully you won't need to! ;D
    Charlotte x
  9. Rudy

    Rudy New Member

    i got asked that british culture question in my face to face interview. i ended up raving on about fish & chips and what yorkshire is like... it worked though.

    a lot of american people have never left their own state let alone the country, you find some that have never seen the sea or mountains etc.
    you spend a lot of your time explaining what the u.k is like... yes we do have electricity, we also have bikes no i don't know your british friend sheila. the best question i got was "how long did it take you to learn english? you speak it so well!"

    oh and a lot of people think the u.k pavillion is holland, or the ukraine, you have to explain what the countries the u.k is made up of or you all get called english.

    i think they want people who are prepared to seriously answer these type of questions without getting too pissed off or insulted!

  10. DisneyMichelle

    DisneyMichelle Active Member

    Sounds like it went well Lou!! Hopefully it wont be too long before they let you know!!

    Rudy - it does sound like you get asked a lot of silly questions by guests!!! There was a thread in the old forum with the stupid things guests used to ask - was well funny!!!

    But, I figure, if you answer these questions then at least youve helped to educate the americans that there is actually a world outside their little US bubble!!!!

    Let us knbow asa you hear Lou - and that goes for Andy too!!!

    Michelle xx
  11. laurie

    laurie New Member

    the only thing they really care about on the phone is if you have any tatoo or piercing and if you can speak english
    that was like that for me!!
    I did almost the whole interview in english !

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