Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Andy, Oct 3, 2004.

  1. DisneyMichelle

    DisneyMichelle Active Member

    When I first saw Caleb I couldnt believe it was Jim Robinson either!!! Comedy! Wasnt he in 24 as well? I never saw it but thats what I heard!

    I loved Tate in Friends aswell - werent he and Jennifer Aniston together in 'real life' then?

    Have seen all the episodes in season one of the OC cos I bought them on Ebay! Still want the 'real' boxset though as they will be better quality and hopefully have some decent extras!

    I know what you mean about spoilers - can be very frustrating to come across them accidently! Although I tend to actively look for them as Im so impatient I just cant wait until the next week! But Youll get to see all the season tomorrow when the boxset comes out! Make sure you dont miss the one on E$ tomorrow guest starring Paris Hilton - very funny!!! Theres lots of little in jokes in the episode too!

    Anyway, enjoy,

    Michelle xx
  2. Andy

    Andy New Member

    Just watched the LA one, When they said paris hilton was in it, i thought she'd have a bigger role then bing a little hussy in a club! Stupid little cameo!

    Poor marissa she always gets the problems! Just when it looked like marissa and ryan got a little spark back! Stupid Luke! I may go on the site and have a sneak peak of next weeks one, Im getting like you now michelle, too impatient !

    the box set is a lot of money! Christmas list i feel!
  3. stu_uk

    stu_uk New Member

    i was in new york last week and there were loads of posters advertising the new season of the oc. In times square there was a countdownder. it starts on november the 4th so if anyone has seen the whole of the first season you can download the second soon ;D

  4. DisneyMichelle

    DisneyMichelle Active Member

    I really like dont like Julie Cooper - I actually hate her even more than her daughter!!!

    She goes from really young Luke to really old Caleb! And to think that she had thw lovely Jimmy before!!!

    Just think, if Halley and Jimmy end up getting married then his ex-wife will be his mother-in-law!!! Its getting a bit too like Eastenders for my liking!!!

    Am still loving Seth and Summer!!! How cute of them to decorate Marissa room on last nights episode!!

    I wont be able to download season 2 due to not having broadband and the fact that it would therefore take about two years to download one episode!!!

    Michelle xx
  5. Andy

    Andy New Member

    Ive just watched the last OC of series 1, Couldn't wait till next week so downloaded it! fantastic! He can't leave!!!! Just when things are finally becoming stable, all this takes off, callab losing his money brilliant, see if julie is just marrying him for his money! Gotta love seth! Such a emotional im balanced man! Just when summer had picked seth him over her dads opinions!

    great viewing! Bring on series 2!!!!!!
  6. DisneyMichelle

    DisneyMichelle Active Member

    I know what you mean Andy!! Having watched all of season one I really wanna watch season 2 now!!!!

    I dont want to have to wait for ages before channel 4 finally get round to showing it!!!!


    The ending left so many things hanging!!! They need to get rid of that Theresa straight away!!!! She cant take Ryan back to Chino - its probably not even his baby!!! And I cant believe that Seth has left Newport Beach too!!!! Although I suppose after he said what he wanted to do at the start of the season it was fair enough for him to go - but he should have taken Summer with him like he always planned to!!! Sandy and Kirsten are goona be lost in that big house without the two boys!! And Marissa is so messed up its just mental!!!!! Looking forward to see how Julie reacts to being married to poor Jim Robinson!!!

    The second season has started in the Us - might just have to find out whats happened so fay - Seth and Ryan better both be back!!!

    Michelle xx
  7. Andy

    Andy New Member

    Jim Robinson..... Still can't believe it!!!! some days i just watch it for him! yeah 2nd series, they'll be new characters, new dramas i cannot wait! Still getting dawsons creek series 2 and 3 for christmas though, can't forget my roots!

    Did you cry at the end of the Oc series 1, Clearly me asking that shows how i did! A tear was shed! i got to sort out my emotions!
  8. !Dave!

    !Dave! New Member

    Well who wants to know what happens in season 2. Im downloading them.

  9. DisneyMichelle

    DisneyMichelle Active Member

    Just read in the bible that is Heat Magazine that channel 4/E4 are gonna be showing season 2 from late January so we dont have to wait too long!!!

    Although I have been reading up on the new series anywhere I can would love to know exactly how gorgeous Adam Brody is in the new series!?!? Im thinking 'very'!!!!

    Andy - if you hadnt cried at the end of series one I ouwld think you were some kind of emotionless freak!!!!

    Michelle xx
  10. Andy

    Andy New Member

    dave where are you dowqnloading them from, ive tried looking for them! i downloaded most of ther 1st series, I keep creeping onto but i really dont want to read it! I wanna wait to watch tjem!
  11. stu_uk

    stu_uk New Member

    Go to this website and download the program

    then you can go to (without the e!) >> TV shows >> The OC >> then click on the episode you want to download.

  12. Andy

    Andy New Member

    im not a fan of bittorant, i use winmx for most of mine, i found the new ones, just watched the first episode or season2! brilliant again!
  13. stu_uk

    stu_uk New Member

    i never understood how to make winmx work ??? :p

  14. DisneyMichelle

    DisneyMichelle Active Member

    Am so jealous!!!!

    As my computer is really rather backward it would take about ten years for me to download one episode of the show!!!! I cant believe you guy are getting to watch them and i have to wait ages!!!!!

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