Things to do whilst in Florida

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current ICP Participants' started by Disney Jess, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    OH we must have a joint birthday now and it will be quadruple extra special, hehe. The Grand Floridian sounds amazing and we must dress up seen as though we are the celebraties for the night, hehe.
  2. CharlotteSparkle

    CharlotteSparkle New Member

    the grand floridian looks amazing, I want to stay there sooo much! this is what is says about the character dinner:

    "Be charmed by a sumptuous buffet as you gather for an enchanting dinner as a Guest of Cinderella herself. The Princess's storybook friends join in the festivities as you have a "ball" dining on delectable seafood, salad, pasta and beef specialties"

    I want to go!!
  3. leomgray

    leomgray New Member


    "Charlotte and Leom's Grand Birthday

    July 2009

    Grand Floridian Hotel, WDW Resort, Orlando, Florida

    All day and night


    I want to stay there for my birthday aswell but i didnt want to be the only one.
  4. CharlotteSparkle

    CharlotteSparkle New Member

    if we could get a few people together it would be amazing to stay there...hopefully it will happen!

    Our birthday extravaganza will be the BEST EVER!!!!
  5. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    Yea, it will be amazing, hehe. Im all excited now. A nice big disney birthday cake aswell.
  6. CharlotteSparkle

    CharlotteSparkle New Member

    ooh yes!! have you ever had ice cream cake? soooo good!
  7. *PennyCrayon*

    *PennyCrayon* New Member

    I'm thinking of having a second birthday to coexist with yours - ice cream cakes are the shizz! Love them
  8. Andy0228

    Andy0228 New Member

    We could all have a second birthday, like the queen. I'll send out a list of presents you can buy for me soon ;)
  9. katiej22

    katiej22 New Member

    I think the fancy dress should be as princesses for the girls - and prince charmings for the guys?? :p
    We will be the BIGGEST kids there! (although I have met 11 year olds taller than me recently :()

    I agree with Andy - 2nd birthdays all round :) - not sure if I'd want to spring for staying there, but would be ablast tho! we could get a suite and everything :) (I dream BIG!!)
  10. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    I'm up for that!! everyone can celebrate there birthdays there, hehe. hire a whole floor out of the grand floridian. Im well up for dressing up as prince charming, hehe. Donno if id pass for charming though. probably get mistaken for the beast.

    Im so excited about celebrating my birthday with use all.
  11. CharlotteSparkle

    CharlotteSparkle New Member

    I've just been looking at the Universal website, they do a 'meal and a movie' deal for $21.95 which sounds quite good, they have a list of restaurants to choose from and a list of meals available on the deal.

    I want to have a look around the Citywalk, I've never really had a chance before but there's so much stuff there!
  12. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    We did that, its a really good deal. we went to the hard rock cafe and went to see the dukes of hazzard, was a great night, loved it.
  13. Stepharoo

    Stepharoo Guest

    That sounds really good. And the meal deal wrist band in universal studios and islands of adventure, where you can eat as much as you want in different restaurant things around the park or parks all day... I absolutely loved doing that, especially when its pouring down with rain just move from one restaurant to another... Wanna do that on days off.
  14. Andy0228

    Andy0228 New Member

    How can you watch Dukes of Hazzard and call it a great night? This makes no sense.
  15. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    It was so funny, haha.

    Im up for that. ;D
  16. katiej22

    katiej22 New Member

    fatties :p

    when we were there last it was quite expensive to do - none of us really eat that much during the day - hopefully I won't eat too much out there and will lose a bit of weight!

    losing weight started in earnest this week, I've been swimming twice :)
    hopefully it will continue!!

    ah - ronnie o'sullivan and ali carter are both playing well :) what more could a girl want, an evening of snooker and planning disney??

  17. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    lmao, im watching made of honour and "studying". Once my exams are over im going to start jogging again i think depending on the weather which horrific.
  18. katiej22

    katiej22 New Member

    made of honour = good film :)

    i'm now watching snooker, QI and 'thinking' of work!
  19. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    haha, its a great film. They so misinterperate what scotlands like, lmao. Its set on the beautiful scottish isle of skye.
  20. CharlotteSparkle

    CharlotteSparkle New Member

    I started my diet last week and have already lost 5 pounds! So pleased with myself! I put on loads of weight last year and couldn't walk, so I'm hoping to lose it all before I go to Disney so I can fit into all of my nice holiday clothes :)

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