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  1. jameshamuk

    jameshamuk New Member

    is anybody bothering taking theres with them when we go?

    id imagine us getting raped with charges cos theyre constantly receivin data

    anybody know of any prepaid plans in the US we could use?

    could do with been able to use my bbm when there :)
  2. jameshamuk

    jameshamuk New Member

    come on guys somebody must know
  3. lowrigokarts

    lowrigokarts New Member

    That is a great question that i would like to know too. My dad wants a blackberry and he said i should have one for florida, so im considering updating my contract for one
  4. yay-disney

    yay-disney New Member

    on the mobile phone post someone talks about the costs of using a blackberry out there so have a look at that and maybe ask them for more details and such
  5. emmdee

    emmdee New Member

    ...Erm, IDK if this was already answered, but I work at a cell phone company in Canada and I can pretty much tell you that yeah, definitely not a good idea to use your BB on your current plan in the US. But, if you go to your provider, they could have plans that might help you out with all the roaming charges (they will probably be costly though)....

    I would especially be careful about data on a BB. Even if you're not physically using it, so long as you're getting signal it's always on! The BB "pushes" data to your phone, that's how you get emails and stuff so quick, so like you said it's pretty much always being used, and you'll be charged to the max for it out in the US. If you're not planning on getting a US plan (which I talk about below), and bringing it to the States, if I were you I'd call and get the internet blocked, or if you can turn it off on the phone itself so that you're absolutely sure you're not going to get charged for it.

    TBH, your best bet would be, like you said, to get it unlocked & use it that way. I don't know how it is in the US, but here in Canada I know that prepaid = no data, so you wouldn't be able to use your BBM. Because of that, I would recommended going month to month. You'd probably get a much cheaper plan, with data, and no contract to boot! I will warn you though... even if your BB is unlocked, data might not work with a US provider cause of the internet settings specific to your phone. I have yet to see any company out there that guarantees internet access on an unlocked phone :( but, it is a blackberry, so my guess will point towards data should work - maybe not as fast or well as before, but...

    Anyways, that's probably the best option you have. Staying with your current provider while out in the US will probably get WAY too expensive. I don't know what they can do for you if you're under a contract, I know with our company we don't put our service on hold for customers, so here's hoping that you won't have to pay a huge ECF or end up having to pay two phone bills (or even one phone bill for a BB that you won't be using while in the US!)!

    ALSO.. just in case you don't know any phone companies here in the US (Which, IDK if you do, I know that I don't know a single phone company other than ones in North America haha...and there's probably some in the States I don't even know about...but that could just be me!) the three major ones I know of are AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. They all have websites, so if you google search them you can get plan prices and compare them. I don't know if there are any others - there most likely are, but like I said I wouldn't know them haha. I also know Wind Mobile's finally reached Canada - but again, I don't know if it's in the states yet?

    Again, I hope I helped somewhat and didn't just relay information you already knew... I just thought I'd share what I know with you guys.. have a great time in the US! I'm hoping to be there next year :)

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