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Discussion in 'Walt Disney World College Program' started by Spaztaz, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. AndrewW

    AndrewW New Member

    Wow i booked september 11th as well, who you flying with??
    People keep looking at me funny when i tell them the date, should i be worried?

    Oh well

  2. tinydancinggirl

    tinydancinggirl New Member

    Haha no I'm not worrying it's only my mates who are cos it's the 5th anniversary...tbh I reckon it'll be the safest day of the year to fly!!

    I'm flying with BA, Orlando-Gatwick direct. What about you?
  3. Elaine!

    Elaine! New Member

    hey everyone!

    I'm doing th ICP from June 25th til sep 1st and would totally be up for some travelling afterwards. my flight back is booked for the 8th of sept but i intentionally got a flexible ticket so i can change it free of charge as long as i give the airline 7 days notice! my uni doesn't start back til sept 26th so i'm hoping to get a good wee holiday out of this trip too!

    when does everyone else finish? anyone else on sept 1st?

    feel free to add me on msn for a wee chat.

  4. xsamx

    xsamx New Member

    Hi guys,

    Im doing the ICP and start the 4th June (Merchandise) wohoo.

    My return is on the 5th September but I also have a flexi ticket so hoping to change it to go travelling!! Not sure where or what i want to do tho! Always wanted to go to New York and there's flights to Bahamas for $100 sooo tempting....what a crossroads.

    Cant wait to meet you guys!
    Not long now............
  5. jayni

    jayni New Member

    hey! im exactly the same! i spent last summer in the bahamas.. so would love to go back again while im so close.. but New York.. really tempting me at the min! i think new york is going to win out.. would be amazing to go there!

  6. hereicome

    hereicome New Member

    the only bad thing i am thinking of travelling after is that we have to carry our laptop everywhere if we bring a laptop to Disney. And I dont know whether it is safe to lock your laptop in the hostel in the daytime while you are travelling.Anyone has similar experience?
  7. xsamx

    xsamx New Member

    Oooh that could be a problem. Im not bothering taking my laptop.
    I think its easier using the internet cafe or im sure one of your housemates wont mind if u ask them.

    I certainly wouldn't leave it in a hostel tho hun. It may well be fine but i would feel worrid all the time. Im sure ur figure something out!

    Hey u where @ the Bahamas last year, i bet that was amazing, but yeah i agree with you i thik New Yorks in the lead. Think of the shopping.....hmmm ;D ;D Which also makes me think money ??? Oh what the hell...i can save....

    cu soon
  8. kristol

    kristol New Member

    yeahhh I wanna travel after also :p:p but i'm still looking for a travel buddy.

    so who want to go do some traveling after with me??

    my program end the 1st of September and after my visa will be valid for 30 days longer, so I got 30 days to travel around the US.
  9. Elaine!

    Elaine! New Member

    hey question about visas??

    i got my visa through the other day and it says it expires on sept 1st cause that's when i finish at disney but will i still be able to stay in the country froma couple of weeks for a holiday on my normal passport? is the visa just so you can work?

    and if not how did you get your visa to last fro 30days longer?

  10. Spaztaz

    Spaztaz New Member


    Alexis said on the phone call when offering me the position that I would have the opertunity to travel for 30 days! I therefore think that the Visa actually expires 30 days once you finish your work placement!
  11. Chrissie

    Chrissie New Member

    Im worried about that too!! I have emailed Alexis to see what she says :-\
  12. Spaztaz

    Spaztaz New Member

    Well its been decided I am travelling haha!
    When i booked my flights I am returning home from LAX the travel agent was so convincing about how good a time I would have travelling the states - How could I say no??
    I bought a 15 day national rail pass and am pritty excited about where I am gonna be going!
    Who wants to join me lol?
  13. Elaine!

    Elaine! New Member


    Got an email back from alexis about the visa. She says the september 1st on the visa just refers to when you can work until but you are allowed to travel in states for 30 days after that so plenty of time for a wee holiday!

    Elaine xx
  14. jayni

    jayni New Member

    me! serious, want to see some of the states.. ive got about two or three weeks before i go to uni so would love to go travelling!

  15. stu_uk

    stu_uk New Member

    i really wanna go to LA and see loads of places too!
  16. tinydancinggirl

    tinydancinggirl New Member

    I'd love to get to the west coast even for just a few days...that said I only have 10 days and my flight back is out of Orlando so maybe just a few days ;)

    I think I'm gonna consider my options when I get out there :) Ooooh so exciting!!
  17. Members Only

    Members Only New Member

    I think I'm going to do the same.

    Just wait till I'm out their, then decide where too go, lol.

    Atm, I'm just going to say I hope to be going travelling in the US after Sep 1st. Where I really dont know, lol. Where ever the wind takes me (Or money maybe :p), lol.

    Hopefully there will be quite a few peeps who want to anyway, well it seems like it from here ;D

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