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Discussion in 'Accepted/Current ICP Participants' started by NZ_Jess, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. NZ_Jess

    NZ_Jess New Member

    The visa I will be getting is a work-travel visa, which allows 30 days of travel after my work program finishes..
    My question is, do other people often travel after their programs? I just really wanna see Miami, LA and Vegas before I go, and it would be way better doing it with someone else!
  2. DiegoZapien

    DiegoZapien New Member

    I've heard from a friend that did the program that sometimes people get together for a roadtrip from Florida all the way to California... I think something like that would be fun.

    But again, I'd love to see NYC!!
  3. Peever

    Peever New Member

    Jess alot of people do travel afterwards. Travel in the US is so stupid cheap you just have to. While on my program I had 4 nights, 5 days, round trip airfare, and 2 days worth of tickets to the rugby world 7s in vegas feb 2010 for 750 bucks! Take advantage while your in the country :). Save up while you work etc and travel after! Lots do it and so should you!
  4. MitchellC

    MitchellC New Member

    After the program I'll be heading over and going from the top to the bottom of the West Coast :D!
    Then stopping at Tokyo on my way back to Australia :D!
  5. NZ_Jess

    NZ_Jess New Member

    Oh wow, that sounds awesome!
    I just must see Miami, LA and Vegas. As long as I get to those three before I leave I will be satisfied. AND I am so keen on a Disney cruise as well :D Hopefully I'll find some like-minded people to go with
  6. MitchellC

    MitchellC New Member

    It will hopefully be very awesome indeed :D!
    You'll definitely get to see Miami, it's only a 4hr drive from where we will be living :)..
    I'm also extremely keen to go on the cruise, especially because we get 80% off, it's basically free :D! :D!
  7. NZ_Jess

    NZ_Jess New Member

    Yeah, Ive heard there are really cheap shuttles that go from Orlando to Miami, so it's pretty good for a day trip.

    And definitely keen on the cruises.. have you seen those ships? Like ridiculously huge, with waterslides on them! Argh so wanna do one!
  8. Ka_disney

    Ka_disney New Member

    do we only get 30days to travel after the program finished? cuz im plannin to travel for 2months haha
  9. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    you only get an additional 30 days at the end of your visa to travel and then you must exit the USA, you can just go to canada or to mexico and then re-enter the USA on a regular tourist/holiday visa but you have to stay out of the country for a certain amount of time.....
  10. shaz_2011

    shaz_2011 New Member

    hey i have been going under the assumption that our visa means we need to have a return ticket when we get to the US, so does this mean if youwant to travel you have to plan it before you go in order to arrange your return ticket, or are these return tickets pretty flexible? Also i guess this applies to if i want to leave early, can you often change the date of your return ticket? Thanks!
  11. NZ_Jess

    NZ_Jess New Member

    Oh do we need a return ticket for our visas? I didn't know that!
    I think you can buy open-ended return tickets but I'm not really sure.
    I want to know too!
  12. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    No you don't need a return ticket for the visa
  13. AshleyNZ

    AshleyNZ New Member

    Anyone wana head over to a white castle?? Binge a little..? And i've already checked, there isn't one in Florida :(
  14. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

  15. Ka_disney

    Ka_disney New Member

    hey guys I think u can apply for a travel visa once ur work visa expired. I will apply for tht n apply for that and plan my travel b4 i go there :)
  16. LeaLea

    LeaLea New Member

    Am so glad that there are other people wanting to travel after!
    Seems like it's a pretty popular thing for people to do then, anyone got any tips for the best places to go and visit after working for Disney?

    I'm working March 2011-2012, so, fingers crossed it'll be nice weather for travelling afterwards! :D
  17. kaylzscotland

    kaylzscotland New Member

    Hi hun!! I start June 2011 and I def wanna travel after my program!! Miami & Vegas is a must for me ;D

  18. Keri_07

    Keri_07 New Member

    I really want to do a cruise. Does anyone know if we book a cruise with the discount if we have to go on it during our program or can it be booked for after we finish?
  19. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    you have to be an active cast member, as far as im aware. thats why most people do the cruise in the last few weeks on their program, as you can usually secure more time off towards the end.
  20. NZ_Jess

    NZ_Jess New Member

    Oh thanks for that, I was planning to do the cruise after I finish, but I want the discount, so will have to look at going near the end of my program =]

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