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Discussion in 'Accepted/Current ICP Participants' started by NZ_Jess, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. marmalade262

    marmalade262 New Member

    Is the 30 days to travel thing only available to Cultural Representatives that stay for a year or can the Summer Program people travel too?
  2. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    on the Q1 visa (for cult reps) the visa expires usually 30 days after your contract with disney is due to finish, not sure what the details are for the other visas but have a look at the american visa site
  3. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    we did a really random final trip where we spent 10 days in texas mainly dallas and frot worth - no idea why it just seemed like a good diea ta the time and then we did a fial week in orlando (we had free tickets for disney plus we had gotten year passes to seaworld/bg and universal)

    u get to travel during your programme too - i went to vegas, new york, niagara falls canada and american sides, pheoneix and scotsdale, miami, plus the beaches and nearby places
  4. helium7suz

    helium7suz New Member

    The summer program visa allows you to travel for up to 30 days after the end of your program (assuming you don't leave early)
  5. Peever

    Peever New Member

    For the cruise bit there to confirm you do have to be an active castmember for that. And as said just plan it for towards the end. You can get 3 or 4 night cruises for VERY cheap as a cast member as you will see.
  6. McSweeney89

    McSweeney89 New Member

    Wow 80% is incredible

    Just looked at 3 night Bahamas cruises and they'll cost $105 per person for a ocean room with veranda, and by the time we plan to go on one late next year it'll be on the brand new Disney dream ship. very excited!!
  7. josh.p.

    josh.p. New Member

    So, just to confirm, do we actually have to be currently working for Disney at the time you get on the cruise, or do you just have to book it whilst you're an active cast member?
  8. NZ_Jess

    NZ_Jess New Member

    I know, those cruise ships look Amazing!
    I can't wait to do one :D

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