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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by disney.freak, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    Where abouts did you work as a Lifeguard in 2006? All my friends that I hung around with in summer 2006 were lifeguards..Suprised I didn't meet you..
  2. slightlymazmad

    slightlymazmad New Member

    Disney's Yacht and Beach resort, went out on the 4th of June. I knew a couple of guys who worked at Blizzard Beach and Pop Centuary.

    I met so many people that summer, I cant remember half of them :D
  3. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    I think my friend Sean did lifeguard at yacht and beach for abit..He transfered to typhoon tho, coz he really wanted to be in a water park...
  4. guig_07

    guig_07 New Member

    hi everyone, im Paul, 18 from Glasgow.
    i will be applying for the first time in August aswell, hope to get to know some of yous and hopefully meet over in Florida!! ;D
  5. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    Nice to meet you paul..Rangers or Celtic? Haha.. :)
  6. iHEARTflorida

    iHEARTflorida New Member

    I'm at the Co-op Supermarket, it's alright there; a lot of drama though lol!

    I applied for a catering event position earlier this week, but haven't heard anything back yet. I was thinking either PH, McDonalds (not so keen on thou), Frankie's and Benny's, or TGI's. Or maybe a Travel Agent. Not sure...
  7. guig_07

    guig_07 New Member

    alrite John, thats always the first question . . . . . . . . . CELTIC!!!! ;D lol
    what about yourself?
  8. arron87

    arron87 New Member

    I work at Pizza Hut as well, and im hoping that the experience there will help me get into f&b on the CRP program.
    If Holly's were anything like the ones I work at, its quite a fast service and your always running around, and dealing with upset customers when you run out of their food isnt uncommon!
    In terms of work experience i think anywhere as long as you can talk it up and descibe experiences where youve had to deal with situations or simply prove that you can work under pressure can be valuable.

    I just read through the posts and people have been talking about cover letters, im wondering if I should submit one even though Ive already done the phone interview. I never even thought about it because they never said you needed one, but I guess if they happen to choose between me and somebody else, the one with the cover letter has more chance of being considered! :s
  9. omgholly

    omgholly New Member

    We ran out of cheese and pizza sauce on a number of occassions. Awesome management! lol. Pizza made with a ketchup base is nasty!!

    I'd say if you've done the phone interview then the cover letter won't make much difference. But submit one if you think it will help your chances :) good luck xx
  10. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    It has to be celtic..As I used to live with loads of people from aberdeen..And they all absolutely hate rangers!
  11. Me and ctravis has worked there before too, and my application process has been a ride and a half.
  12. ctravis

    ctravis Guest

    Yea i think it would b good to sumit a cover letter too even if we have worked before coz then it shows that u have done it before and enjoyed it so much that u want to do it. But if it isnt required and u get through thats fantastic too.
  13. arron87

    arron87 New Member

    Well im guessing now that theyve done the interviews is that a cover letter probably wont make much of a difference if you havnt already submitted one.
    Theyre probably in the process of deciding who to offer f2f's too and who not, so ill just hope Ive done enough in the phone interview!
  14. stu_uk

    stu_uk New Member

    For the august 2009 people, do you know when the positions will start if we are offered a position??
    I have done a few programs before and i applied about 2 days after they closed the january applications. So annoying :'(
  15. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

    I think I saw somewhere that applying in august 09 is for feb starts (earliest), I could be totally wrong though so sorry if I am!
  16. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    If you apply in August..Someone said the start dates are from February-August..
  17. goldstone91

    goldstone91 New Member

    Hey everyone. My name is Anthony, will be 18 in June and I have applied for the August 2009. I've worked in TGI Friday's for what will be two years in July and I am planning on going onto the bar when I am 18, as I heard you can work in a pub? I was just wondering whether you guys think that I have a good chance, been that TGI's and Disney share similar values and the experience with guests.
  18. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    Hi Anthony :)
    Welcome to the forums!!
    Yes you can work in the pub, however you choose either food or beverage or merchandise, so you will either be working in the rose and crown restaurant/pub, fish and chip shop or the various merchandise shops. I'm assuming that as you work in TGI's that you will be applying for a food and beverage position? Which would mean that you would alternate between the rose and crown and the fish and chip shop.

    I think there is no harm in applying and that you would stand a good chance as you have relevant long term experience within a food and beverage location. Disney are looking for relevant experience, along with enthusiasm and a positive attitude- so I think as long as you convey these and give a taste of your personality in a cover letter, you would stand a chance. And like I said there is no harm in applying!

    I hope this helps :)
  19. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

    heya! welcome! i'm 18 next month ;D WOO beat ya :p i still feel so young compared to everyone on these forums. if i get to go next year after applying this august then i hope there will be more 18 year olds to hang out with! :D
  20. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    I'm still only 17. I'm 18 in May!!
    I don't know anyone else who is waiting for phone interview results who is around the same age as me :-\
    Ah well, no matter :). Age is just a number!! :D

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