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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by disney.freak, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. disney.freak

    disney.freak Guest

    i will defo keep applying. no doubt about it, but i just cant help but think about it too much.

    this is the only thing i have really ever wanted!

    i never grew up thinking, "i want to be a doctor/mechanic/musician ect" or never really had any ambitions in my life.

    the only thing that i have ever reallyyyy wanted is to work at Walt Disney World. It's all i have ever wanted and the have refused me that :( and the next 6/7 months or how ever long it will be are gonna be awfull for me, i seriosly have no idea what i will do.

    i missed the jan applications by only a few days or so of having founs out about the CRP and was gutted, but to wait untill now, apply, then get rejected. now i dont know how much you guys REALLLLY want this, but when i heard i was rejected, my heart just broke in two!

    i really dont know what to do with myself now :(
  2. VikkiLillyBee

    VikkiLillyBee New Member

    Only one answer for it... get the right job so that they won't turn you down next time. Don't let this break you, think pro-actively. Think "What is it that I'm missing that they want from me?" Go out and get it, and try again.
  3. Well said Gary! But we do know what to do with yourselves. We get ourselves sorted. Have fun in 22 days!!! and book our holiday :)
  4. disney.freak

    disney.freak Guest

    lol sounds like a plan :)

    and yea i guess so vikki, but what is it they want? i mean you do waitressing and they obv dont wan that? so what is the secret!!!! lol
  5. alex_wallington

    alex_wallington New Member

    Hospitality is always a good start. I worked in a hotel since I was 16 and left in december ( with university and WDW in between). My Application, I didnt do a cover letter and 'Disney'ed up all of the like 'motivation' bits. Seriously, never ever give up... the experience when you get there is just amazing and so you just have to pick yourself up and re- apply! Have you thought of applying for the Disney Cruise Lines also? A few of my friends from my last program work on DCL and although say its v hard worrk, they love what they do?! So maybe in the meantime you could apply for that also.

    My good friend from Vista Way :) came back to the UK after the J1 and just wanted to go back to WDW but got rejected in the January. So he emailed YJ saying how unhappy he was at not being given a chance. In March he was offered a last minute position and was out in Fl by the end of March.... so you really never know!!!

    All I will say is this whole process is worth it.... completely... and for those of you that get through and go to Disney.... the only thing you have to prepare yourself for is the leaving bit.... it is awful- I have never felt anything like it. I have now been back in the UK just over 1 year and somedays i still find it very difficult not being with my Disney family, working at the Caribbean Beach etc....So that is my word of advice... be prepared for the heartbreak!!!

    I know this is a different topic but does anyone know why the J1 int prog got cancelled? very strange?!

    I hope your all well and I hope you dont think I am some know-it-all.... because I am not and I doubt I will get past my phone interview....but i just want to share my thoughts and past experiences with all you lovely people! :).... if anyone wants to add me to face book my name is alex wallington and i am on the kent network.....what a div... you can see my name is alex wallington already....durrrr xxxxxxxx
  6. Lauralaura21

    Lauralaura21 New Member

    My heart broke in two when I was rejected and Im kicking myself as I did have the chance for the feb apps but I got rejected after the face to face interviews :'(
  7. Lyle09

    Lyle09 New Member

    Hi everyone, I am new here. Name is Lyle. Just thought I would say hello! I have a phone interview tomorrow so I am excited!
  8. VikkiLillyBee

    VikkiLillyBee New Member

    Yes, But I've only been waitressing for 10 months, remember.
  9. D-A-N

    D-A-N New Member

    Honestly, like Holly said, I think a lot of it is just luck. From looking at those who got interviews as opposed to those who didn't in January, and again this time, there really doesn't seem to be much of a pattern. Some people with loads of "relevant" experience don't get interviews, whilst some people with very little experience do get interviews (and get offered positions)
    I don't think anyone really knows what the secret to getting an interview is (but I know plenty of us would pay good money to know what it was!!) All you can really do is put your best effort into your application and hope for the best.
    Don't let rejection this time get you down guys - it's not the end of the road, only a slight detour.
  10. lilboo

    lilboo New Member

    Good luck Lyle!
    My phone interview is at 12.30 tomorrow, not feeling too nervous, hope it all goes well for you!!!! xx
  11. Disney2010

    Disney2010 New Member

    Gooooooooood Luuuuuuuck, let us know how you get on!!! I'm still hoping I get the chance for a phone interview xxxx
  12. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member

    Good luck everyone who has a phone interview you will be fine your were all chosen for a reason not that anyone knows what that is lol!!! GOOD LUCK!!!! ;D
  13. alex_wallington

    alex_wallington New Member

    I have my phone interview in less than an hour and the butterflies have now kicked in :-s argh!!xx
  14. alex_wallington

    alex_wallington New Member

    Thank you very very much argh!!!!! xxxx
  15. Lyle09

    Lyle09 New Member

    Hi everyone, I had my phone interview this morning and I hope it went well :) But its hard to know exactly what they are looking for so no point stressing about it. I am off to Florida on Monday for a 3 week holiday so I am sure that will make the wait for the next email go quickly ;D
  16. alex_wallington

    alex_wallington New Member

    ahh well done... they are lovely arent they!!! I hope you have a lovely time in Fl!!! If you go to the UK go and see Nick @ the History bit!!! See if he can create a magic moment for you!!!x
  17. princess_shayna

    princess_shayna New Member

    whoa that's so exciting!! Have fun!!!
  18. Disney2010

    Disney2010 New Member

    Hi everyone, I never got a phone interview, But good luck to EVERYONE who has had theres or who are having there. xxxxxx
  19. Scottishwoody

    Scottishwoody New Member

    Still waiting on a reply from YJ. I can't believe how nerve wracking it actually is, every time my phone beeps or the mail icon on my mac has a red dot next to it I keep thinking "this is it", but it never is lol

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