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  1. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

    I totally just realised I mixed the two threads up that i've been speaking to you in
    *shoots self in head*
    umm what I was doing... well drama, dance and childcare and education!
  2. goldstone91

    goldstone91 New Member

    The door job is literally showing people to their tables and getting paid for it. Sometimes it's stressful when a table is booked out and the people on it won't move, or someone screws up. And also when you are on a crazy wait, like 2 hour long! But it is a great job, and I've met so many great people. Most of the managers are good too.
    Depending where you work, you can dress up every Sat or never. In Basildon it's kinda hit and miss. We did 4th of July, Obama's inauguration, Halloween and Children In Need (Pyjamas)! Then we did some shite ones like Michael Jackson Night, which absolutely sucked majorly lol. Well I'm off to work now!
    Haha, I didn't even notice. It's easier like this, the other way was confusing.
  3. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

    Sounds like the door staff will probably get the most shit for not having their table ready! Shame that, I bet it's annoying when people take 3 hours to have their meal before budging...
    Michael Jackson night? I bet your restaurant was empty THAT night :-X wouldn't wanna be served my chocolate dessert by him, that's for sure.
  4. u guys are chatting like carazy! Msn it!
  5. goldstone91

    goldstone91 New Member

    We actually had one guy walk out after refusing to let his kids be served by a 'paedophile'. He was none the happier when his waitress told him he was, in fact, acquitted. Haha. Man he was pissed off.
  6. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

    Safe lol have you got msn then?
  7. omgholly

    omgholly New Member

    Thank you :D I had a fabulous day!! xx
  8. goldstone91

    goldstone91 New Member

    I do. But I rarely go in it as it hardley ever seems to work. Facebook is the way forward.
  9. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

    Yeah, i'm a facebook and msn fanatic. My facebook chat never works though... sucks :'(
  10. omgholly

    omgholly New Member

    Facebook chat isn't very good really. The alerts are too quiet and I very often close the page without thinking. Msn all the way :) x
  11. iHEARTflorida

    iHEARTflorida New Member

    I have just been reading all the threads about the people how got through to the F2F interviews, doesn't it make you sad? -- Thinking that could have been you. Most seemed to have got through on the boards only about 3 or 4 didn't.

    CONGRATS to all who did, and the ones that didn't can join us in August for this whole application process again!

    I still need to get more experience, I had a look around for some jobs, but there doesn't seem to be much available right now. :(
  12. It is sad, but there doesnt seem to be to many people on this board if u think about it, its like the same 10 or so folk that keep posting. I think there are alot of folk unware of www.wdwip.com
  13. Dan7

    Dan7 New Member

    I didn't find it until after I'd done my phone interview so there probably is people unaware of this site. But they can't want it as much as us if they didn't search it out :)
  14. LMAO, everyone thinks that about everyone here, there and everywhere. 'No-one wants this more than me!'

    I cant remember how i found it, I found it about 3 years ago when I did my first program.
  15. Si-Keo

    Si-Keo New Member

    Well it seems like i am joining you guys with applying in August!

    I got accepted to the f2f round but i am on holiday and they didn't have any other dates - soooo im a bit gutted. But i look forward to doing the whole phone interview thing again!! and the wait!! WOOOPEE! they are the best bits! NOT! lol
  16. OMG ARE U SERIOUS!!! NO WAY!!!! Is there no way u could re-schedule the trip?
  17. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

    Yay! It's not all bad, you get to apply with me :D
    Kidding, i'm not that great

  18. arron87

    arron87 New Member

    I found out about this site before I did my first ICP but only because the uni placements office told us about is. . Im sure id have found it eventually but it helps out so much!! Ive been before so I kind of know what to expect now but first time round being able to ask questions to people who have been before and meet other people who are in the same boat as you makes soo much difference!!
    I cant believe since the beginning theres been like half a million posts on this site! haha thats immense!
  19. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

  20. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    Joined :) I wana get back there ASAP..Im sick of boring old England! Wish I hadn't turned down my place on the July one, or I would have been off out there in a few months!

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