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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by disney.freak, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. kazmanatee

    kazmanatee New Member

    A London meet up would be awesome. Think it would also help to calm everyone's nerves before and after!!
  2. red1702

    red1702 New Member

    I'm so glad I found this site to pass the waiting time...I am on here all day at work! LOL!
    Well those who do get interviews will have to make some plans to meet up, it would do everyone the world of good!
    Where would everyone be travelling down / up from?
    I'm in a small freaky little town called Ipswich. Home of Murderers, Nightclub shootings, Lots of underage girls pushing buggies and of course, a rubbish football team.
  3. kazmanatee

    kazmanatee New Member

    Hehe I know Ipswich!! Have some friends living there!! I live near Sevenoaks in Kent! So it isn't too far for me at all!
  4. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member

    I'm from Woking in Surrey, but i got to boarding school in Pembury near Tunbridge Wells so very near to you Kazmanatee!! but as the interviews are meant to take place in half term i will be comming from Woking so only a 30min train ride!! I have heard of Ipswich what did you say was good about it in your phone interview lol??? :D
  5. blackcatuk

    blackcatuk New Member

    I'm from Northampton, hometown of the new doctor who! About 1hr on the train from Euston, so not to far!
  6. red1702

    red1702 New Member

    Lol, I'm not actually from ipswich I am just living here for now! I was born in colchester, Britain's oldest recorded town... ??? :-\
    However I did talk about Ipswich. Did you know that Ralph Fiennes, who was in Maid in Manhatten with J.Lo, and plays Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter was born here!
    Also, the world's first lawnmower was manufactured right here in Ipswich in 1902.
    That earned me a few laughs I can tell you!
    It only takes about an hour to get to London from here so hopefully, should i be invited to interview, I won't have a long trek to make it there.
  7. blackcatuk

    blackcatuk New Member

    Oh.my.god, so say I just had the biggest heartattack ever is a understatement. Just went into my email and saw the word Disney, then realised it was a mailing about Disney Cruises and got disappointed!!
  8. red1702

    red1702 New Member

    Oh no! I keep checking my email, seeing I have new messages and getting really excited only to find out that they are stupid chain mail messages from my Mum!
    Grr...I will never make it through the weekend at this rate! lol

    P.S Just looked back at my emails from the last time I applied, this should give us an idea of timescales.
    I had my telephone interview on 17th August, I finally got my interview invite on 10th September for Interviews being held 1st October. Looks like we'll be waiting a while yet!
  9. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member

    HAHAHA the exsact same thing happened to me like an hour ago lol!!! Silly Disney cruise ;D
  10. Webby

    Webby Guest

    Haha thats a good fact. One of mine was I work in the same school Batman (Christian Bale) went to
  11. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member

    I did not ressearch it before hand so had to think of stuff it was hard!!!
  12. Kimthecoolone

    Kimthecoolone New Member

    To share a random piece of info about my home town... My Auntie lives next door to the Grandson of the man who wrote Thomas the Tank Engine! See....I'm FAMOUS! ;D

    It'll be well cool if we could all meet up in London for the interviews, and do some good ol' sightseeing! London has to be my favourite city in the world! Me and my Mum always go for short city breaks there, it's such an amazing place!!

    With regards to the Phone Interview, I did not mention any of this in my interview! All I could come up with was that Peterborough has a Passport Office and a Cathedral. epic fail. fact.

  13. Daveinwonderland

    Daveinwonderland New Member

    My brain froze at that question, i grew up in Prestatyn on the north wales coast all i could think of at the time was that theres the biggest offshore windarm and brings power to 40,000 homes...... :-\ fail also!

    Im getting really anxious now.....drama!
  14. KatLou26

    KatLou26 New Member

    Better than my- Horsham- the second best place to live in the uk 2007. woo! made her laugh though... x
  15. AnnaBell

    AnnaBell New Member

    My answer to the how would you represent your home town:

    "erm well i'm originally from Liverpool so...the Beatles, yeah music"

    That was a bit of a fail haha
  16. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member

    Well i rambled on about how my little village has a pub and a bakery like thats anyting special so dw i failed there too!!!
  17. TalkingDug

    TalkingDug Member

    I had lots of interesting things to say about my hometown but didn't get asked that question...

    I have just been offered a job which is perfect for me and something I've been searching for for the past ten months. If I get a face to face interview I'm definitely still going to go, as it's always nice to have another option. The crp would not start til sept-dec; I may feel ready to leave the job as it's not going to be forever anyway (I will be leaving it eventually anyway to do a Masters).
  18. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member

    Well Done on getting your perfect job !!! What is it?? If you do get through you got nothing to loose going and your right you might want to leave your current job by then!!!

    Anywho phone interview finesh today :eek: I think so hopfully not too much longer now!!!
  19. blackcatuk

    blackcatuk New Member

    Nervous times! Cant wait to find out! Want to be put out my misery one way or another!
  20. red1702

    red1702 New Member

    I guess I had the advantage of having a phone interview last time so i sort of already knew what to expect, although that doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to get offered a F2F this time :-[
    I had a dream about it last night. I think I ate one too many poptarts before bed....lol

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