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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by disney.freak, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. DivineAphrael

    DivineAphrael New Member

    Gosh is it really the last phone interviews today. Oh-er I'm a bit worried now.

    Hometown facts: My hometown was in a beatles song because of how rubbish it is
  2. TalkingDug

    TalkingDug Member

    Thanks 03goodl! It's something related to my degree, something that is difficult to find these days!
  3. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member

    Well that good, it sucks putting in lots at work at uni only to then go into a job that is nothing to do with what you want to do lol!! My name Lucy btw i just alwasy have 03goodl to log onto thinks lol!!!

    OMgoodness people we could know by this time next week *gulp!!!
  4. red1702

    red1702 New Member

    I can't seem to find any information anywhere about how much this whole thing is going to cost if we are offered a place...Visa fees, agency fees, medical insurance etc...I'm beginning to get a bit concerned! Has anyone heard anything about these yet?
    Time is going so slow...

    BORED! Roll on results day.............
  5. slightlymazmad

    slightlymazmad New Member

    disney's international programs website has some information on costs


    When I did the ICP, I think the visa cost me about £100 (with p&p), flights where maybe £400, program assesment fee $100,...medical insurance? There is a good, if not slightly confusing, thread on the accepted applicants board all about medical insurance and the costs for UK people.

    Over it can be quite costly, especially when you include a trip (or two) to London for interviews and the visa. Though I think I read somewhere that you get some money back from one of your flights?
  6. red1702

    red1702 New Member

    That's brilliant, thank you! I'd like to make sure i will actually have the money if I am offered a place, there would be nothing worse than being accepted and being shocked by the costs, realising it's not affordable. I think Disney will pay for the flight home upon the completion of the 12 months contract, I'm sure I read that somewhere.
    We've heard all about the great things about being out there, there must be some drawbacks? I'm not trying to be negative, just realistic!
  7. TalkingDug

    TalkingDug Member

    Hey Red, when I did the icp, I remember these costs:

    Criminal background check = £54
    Visa: I paid $131 plus $35 (note this is in dollars) but this was just for a summer program so could be more for a year... then about 13 quid to have my passport sent back to me.
    Program Assessment fee (this is what disney housing require you to pay before/when you arrive to reserve your accommodation) $85.50
    These costs were in 2008 so may have changed! I think I ended up paying around 900 pounds before I arrived in Florida, which included things like travel to the f2f interview and the embassy for my visa, travel to the airport etc. It was definitely worth it though!
    I'm not sure about how much medical insurance is for a year
    Flights for crp - Disney give you your money back on completion of your program, they do not do this for the summer icp!
    You also get taxed for working for Disney, but can claim this back at the end of the tax year.
  8. slightlymazmad

    slightlymazmad New Member

    Disney's own medical insurance kicks in 4 months after you arrive and you have the option of paying them some money out of your paycheck each week for that or you can just get cover for the year from a insurance company here in the UK.

    If you where planning on doing some travelling, then maybe a year long cover might be best as I'm not sure if the Disney one actually covers you outside and you would need to buy extra cover for your bags and such.

    A good topic for medical insurance is; http://www.wdwip.com/smf/index.php?topic=6495.0

    I suppose the good thing is, that if (when!) we are accepted, we should have at least a month or two to get everything organised and to save!
  9. red1702

    red1702 New Member

    Well if we are invited to interview we will hear back about three weeks later for departures in September so there is plenty of time! I have already started saving, then even if I don't get an interview I will have a nice little rainy-day fund!
  10. TalkingDug

    TalkingDug Member

    Mhairi, sorry I repeated some of the stuff you said, it seems we wrote our responses at a similar time so I hadn't seen yours until I posted mine!

    I remember looking at some insurance that yummy jobs suggested and it didn't seem to cover a lot of things, so I went with STA for 3 months which cost about £100 (this was worth it as I went skydiving and luckily my insurance covered it so I didn't need to get more cover while I was over there).

    I forgot to mention spending money too, as obviously you won't get paid immediately and have to survive for the first couple of weeks and set yourself up, buying food, bedding, work shoes etc!
  11. slightlymazmad

    slightlymazmad New Member

    What was Skydiving like? Its something I think I want to try. I'm trying to work myself up to it. Done some abseiling, want to do some paragliding and then, maybe, skydiving. Maybe :p

    I think it would be something I'd look into, if I was across there. That and whole load of other things! :D
  12. red1702

    red1702 New Member

    Wow, it all sounds very expensive!
  13. TalkingDug

    TalkingDug Member

    Skydiving was the most AMAZING experience ever. I was so nervous when I was in the plane, especially when my friend jumped out before me. I had to sit on the edge of the plane with my legs dangling at 15000 feet and then the guy I was attached to just pushed me out. You fall at over 100mph for about a minute but it just feels like you're floating on air... another guy jumped at the same time with a camera on his helmet to film me so I have my whole jump on dvd!

    It's something that is definitely worth doing and worth the money, although I don't think I'd do it again after seeing a recent Hollyoaks story which involved a parachute death!!
  14. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I don't think i have the guts to do that!!! would never say no though :D
  15. slightlymazmad

    slightlymazmad New Member

    I'd love to try it, I'm just not sure how I'd cope. I'm hoping to try out one of those wind tunnels just to get a feel of it.

    Next time I'm out in Florida it'd also like to try this; http://www.orlandowatersports.com/
  16. TalkingDug

    TalkingDug Member

    You can also do various watersports within the wdw resort. One of my favourite things to do is hire a speedboat from the Grand Floridian and speed round the lagoon in front of the magic kingdom. Cast members get it half price! I was lucky enough during my holiday last year to stay with a cast member and get all the privileges including free park entry :)
  17. KatLou26

    KatLou26 New Member

    OMG...just checked my email...I have an f2f on the 19th Feb!!! Anyone else heard? Good luck x x
  18. debz

    debz New Member

    hi i have that date too but i just emailed to see if i can have an alternative as its my busiest day were i teach
  19. KatLou26

    KatLou26 New Member

    lol, yeah I've aksed too as I'm in Germany that weekend! But I'm willing to miss the trip if it means DISNEY! PS-well done! x x
  20. slightlymazmad

    slightlymazmad New Member

    Lucky duck!

    I remember spending half a working day whizzing between Epcot and MGM (as it was known back then) on the Breathless just because there was too many lifeguards on duty and they needed to do something with us. 180 degree break turns, 60mph weaving between the passenger boats. Best day of work all summer!

    OMG I have an interview too!!!!!!

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