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Discussion in 'ICP Applicants Discussion' started by Ella-Bella, May 16, 2014.

  1. Ella-Bella

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    I'm thinking about applying for the Cultural Exchange Program next summer (2015), and would love to work on an Attraction.

    Can anyone tell me if this is the most competitive position? And where UK applicants get positioned? I was wondering if they position UK people in fantasyland or on pirates because of the accent?

  2. haycee14

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    Im also applying for next year. Mega excited! I think attractions is probably one of the most competitive roles along with maybe merch. I think you can be placed anywhere tbh whether that be at the entrance or at rides, I dont think accent matters but I may be wrong about that. Maybe someone else will clear that up

  3. vickiw001

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    Hi there! I did the program last summer and had lots of friends in Operations so hopefully I can answer some of your questions. I'm not sure whether operations is the most competitive position because the number of places available in each role varies every year, so it may be that they have loads of attractions/main entrance positions open one year and then very few the next. I do know however that a lot of people show some level of interest in operations, I think it was my second or third choice last year after merch.

    Haycee14 is right in saying that operations covers both working on an attraction and at the main entrance to a park. I had friends who did both roles and they all loved them! Where you get placed is totally random for attractions, it just depends on what they have available. I know you used to be able to request certain locations but that is no longer possible (I believe). I know UK applicants who have been placed in Fantasyland and Haunted Mansion and all over the parks (I don't know of any UK applicants who worked on pirates but that doesn't mean it isn't possible!) And as far as I'm aware they don't take your accent into account. Hope this helps a little, good luck on your applications!
  4. This is what I want to do as well for Summer 2015 how are you applying? I keep seeing that people apply through Yummy jobs but when I emailed them asking about the position they said they weren't looking, I did send one through the disney website but has anyone got in that way?
  5. haycee14

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    Hi, applications open via yummy jobs sometime in August for UK applicants. Last year they opened august 1st so look out for them! Theyll probably announce it on their facebook page and on their website. Hope that helps
  6. vickiw001

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    Yep just keep an eye on their facebook page and website :) All UK applicants apply through YummyJobs and for the past 3 or more years they have opened August 1st and closed end of September/mid October.
  7. Ella-Bella

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    Thanks for your help everyone!
  8. Mollyyyyyy

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    The applications through yummy jobs for the UK open on July 14th :)

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