UK F2F 24th October

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by karenm84, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. Karritada

    Karritada New Member

    well i got in!!! ive been trying to get on to post for the last few days but the site has been down so im July 28th 2009 till July 23rd 2010!!! F&B too :D
  2. Kirbie

    Kirbie New Member

    I had to get someone at work 2 check my emails for me cos i been in DLRP since tuesday, and i couldnt wait til 2moro! Not quite the response i wanted but hey ho, at least i know the ppl that got in really deserved it!
  3. mpark90

    mpark90 Member

    Awwh =[[

    Hopefully you will get through the waitin list and be joining us there next year ! =]
  4. Chelle_Bell

    Chelle_Bell New Member

    Am pleased for everyone who got in... From what I remember you were all the ones with the best personalities at the interview. I'll have to take a note of that for next time I apply (January now).
  5. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    Part of me thinks that i wouldn't have got the job if it wasn't for meeting all you guys the night before and at the interview as it really relaxed me and allowed me to be myself. If i hadn't then i would have probably sat quietly on my own like a few other blokes who ere at the interviews
  6. hen87hels

    hen87hels New Member

    I feel the same way, Lee! Although I would have probably talked to someone (I hate silence lol!) it wouldn't have relaxed me nearly as much as meeting you all before did!!
  7. mushu

    mushu New Member

    I agree with you Lee totally - it was so good to chat with people and get to know them.

    I imagine it'll be great when you get out there too.... ;D
  8. theb5

    theb5 New Member

    Okay I'm gonna have to ring first thing tomorrow coz I haven't heard one way or the other :S
  9. Disneyjess

    Disneyjess New Member

    it's a shame I didn't get to speak to you all properly, we needed a big round table!
  10. mushu

    mushu New Member

    We might have even had elbow room then!
  11. MattSource5

    MattSource5 New Member

    one of these would have been pretty sweeeet!

  12. mpark90

    mpark90 Member

    Haha yeah, but i really cant picture a table like this in TGI fridays to be honest haha

    7 months exactly til i start !!! =] woohoo! =] x
  13. hen87hels

    hen87hels New Member

    I'm not sure, the guys sitting on Arthur's side of the table don't seem to have much elbow room. Or elbow, really... They just have hands poking out of their ribs. :-\
  14. theb5

    theb5 New Member

    Is there anyone else who hasn't heard anything?? Just phoned the office (I'm still shaking lol) and apparently Michelle is out on a business trip this week so Chloe is going to finish letting people know! She says not everyone has been told the outcome yet, arrgh can't take this, I'm so nervous! :S xxx
  15. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    I'm expecting a call from them today, as they didn't have time to tell me the details when i phoned them Friday night. Michelle did say it would be someone else calling too
  16. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    I need to pop out today, so i decided to call Yummy Jobs myself. I spoke to the nice lady who's covering Michelle this week although there was a language barrier. I'm assuming she told me what everyone was told on Friday which was you've been accepted, start/finish dates, and asks whether you accept the position?

    She said that Michelle will start sending out the packs next week although it can take a few weeks which i guess depends on when your leaving. Then we just follow the pack apparently.
  17. Disneyjess

    Disneyjess New Member

    I got a call from yummy yesterday asking for a malcolm?

    apparantly michele has accidently put my number on malcoms form.

    i hope they haven't mistaken my job for malcolm and its actually him whose been acceted.
  18. Chari21

    Chari21 New Member

    Don't worry! Of course you have the job but whoever Malcom is...he isn't getting a phonecall...


    Poor Malcom, lets just hope he has an email account, hey...

  19. Disneyjess

    Disneyjess New Member

    i really hope that they don't think i'm malcolm...well worrying about it now,
  20. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    Are you sure you're not Malcolm?? Maybe you warp into him and don't realise!

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