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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by slightlymazmad, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. slightlymazmad

    slightlymazmad New Member

    I know it may be a wee bit too early for this, but I as I just worked out June is only about three months away, I thought now would be as good a time as any to get this post up and running ;)

    So to get us started off, my name is Mhairi (drop the "h" and first "i" and you get a pretty good idea of how my name is pronounced, or combine the "mh" to make a "v" and call me Vari - yes, I have a very odd name!), 22 (nearly 23) year old soon to be graduate from Edinburgh and I'm pretty sure I'm going to apply, again to the CRP in June :D

    It would be my third time applying and although I got through to the F2F last time (straight out rejection the first time), I think I blew it in the interview :-\ A little disappointed, but I've taken the week out to talk it through with people and go over my options for the coming year and have decided to jump straight back into the race :D

    Anyone else thinking of applying when the applications open again in June?
  2. debz

    debz New Member

    mhiari good for u goin 4 it again, so glad ur not giving up on ur dream!!!

    wot u studying in edinburgh? im in glasgow living at the mo. been to edinburgh a few times i loved it. (im from n.ireland)

    good luck to u!!!
  3. Ricey

    Ricey New Member

    Hey I'm Dave...ill be applying in June. Applied last year in January but it was off the cuff so just rushed the application and had it done in one night, not really knowing what there where after, low and behold got a rejection.

    Would have applied in Jan but missed the cut off as I was out in Orlando visiting my friend who is currently on the CRP in F&B, shes loving it!

    Had an amazing time out there, been there loads of times before but this was the first time i actually saw "proper" Orlando rather than just Disney Disney Disney. Defiantly the place I want to be.

    I'm 21, 22 in May, done a few jobs ranging from working in F&B to retail and now working for a Bank in sales, so not really sure if its the type of thing Disney will be looking for but all you can do is apply aye!

    If nothing else it will be good to get to know some new people over the next few months.

    Dave.... ;D
  4. VikkiLillyBee

    VikkiLillyBee New Member

    After deliberating since January, I've decided that yes, I will be applying in June. Third time applying, never having had an interview. Third time lucky and all that jazz. If I don't get it this time though, that's it. I won't be applying again, or at least, not for a few years. I've even made a pact with a friend of mine, and she's going to be applying in June as well, although no one knows about this yet, it's our little secret. Then again, when you're in your early 30s, secrets like that are ok :D Oh, and I'm not in my 30s, I'm 21... 22 in September.

    Fingers crossed for us all.
  5. slightlymazmad

    slightlymazmad New Member

    Cheers Debs :) Would Will(!) love to be out there with the rest of you :D I dont think I've ever been so determined to get something in my life, though was completly prepared for the rejection this time round. Need to work on my interview skills I think!

    I studied in Stirling actually, just live in Edinburgh but I finished Uni back in December so I have a couple of months now to see if I can pick up some extra work. Oh, and I studied Politics... :D

    Love Glasgow for the shopping, but Edinburgh is way better :p

    Hi Dave

    I got my last application in just before the cut off and only checked it a few weeks after I got through to the F2F only to discover that my cover letter was only partially finished :eek: I dont know if they just didnt check? Or?

    I'm working customer sevice at the moment in the conferance centre here in Edinburgh. Done some f&b style work, but never had a job in retail so thats my challenge for the next couple of months - find a shop job! Every bit of experience counts but I think they look at your personality as much as anything.


    I think I might do the same and keep it a secret. I felt so bad telling everyone that I didnt get it. My mum, bless her :-* was more upset than I was about it.

    Dont know how I'm going to secretly take a trip to London though (when we get that far!) so I may have to rethink my plan then ;)
  6. VikkiLillyBee

    VikkiLillyBee New Member

    Oh, I'm not keeping it a secret. Everyone knew I'd applied before, and they know I'm going for it one more time. It's just my mate who's keeping it a secret. Her man will flip out when he finally finds out!!! And the trip to London is easy... we're off on a girly weekend! :D

    Edit to add: Now I just have to hope *my* other half doesn't spot this and tell *her* other half! meep! Pretty sure he doesn't check these forums out though, so we should be ok. Lol!
  7. Ricey

    Ricey New Member

    Yeah im in the process of trying to get a job in F&B (think ive sorted it) just to get back into it, only acouple of hours a week in addition to my full time job. I just really really want to do something different and fun for a year!
  8. amylouise70

    amylouise70 New Member

    I am going to apply in June as well. I have never applied for this before but I did the ICP in 06-07 and it was the most amazing year! I always said I wanted to go back and I graduated in June .. went to South Africa for a while, and I just got back from Florida visiting all my amaaaazing friends I still have from my program and it 100% convinced me that its where I want to be!! This process is a lot more confusing than the 1 I went through! I literally turned up to a presentation, and then got an interview, and then had a 10 min interview and they offered me the job!! I worked in the magic kingdom!

    What is the application form like?? Are there any we can look at before so we can be prepared with our answers? Or anyone who has applied before still got a copy?!

    I work in retail atm as an assistant manager so hopefully that will give me enough experience to get into the Merch side of things, but Ive worked in f&b for 3 years as well .... sooo I'm hoping I'm in good standing!


    O n I've just turned 23 ... I thought everyone was going to be 18/19 so I'm glad people on here are around my age!! (Means we can all go and drink around the world(showcase!)!!)
  9. meerah89

    meerah89 Member

    Hey guys! I'm Meerah and I will be applying for the first time in June and I'm so excited and determined to get through :)

    Just wanted to wish you all good luck and hopefully I will see you out there!

    Oh one question though, I've e-mailed Kristen at yummyjobs buts she's not back in her office til Monday (I got an auto generated e-mail) just wondering if anyone knows the exact date for application opening? Oh and what should I write in my cover letter, I've only done really short boring ones before lol!

    Again good luck, and nice to sort of meet you all xx
  10. debz

    debz New Member

    heya, i didnt write a cover letter so i cant help on that but good luck!
  11. meerah89

    meerah89 Member

    Hi debz, how come you didn't write one? was it not required? oh and thanks for replying anyway (and the luck) lol :)
  12. debz

    debz New Member

    i didnt think it was necessary to put one in cos i had all my info on the cv and didnt want to write a letter that i wasnt sure wud jus get looked at n rule me out so i didnt put one in, i got a phone interview n f2f n now am on opp list so mustnt b 2 needed. jus depends on each person i suppose wot they want to add
  13. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member


    meerah89 good luck apply this year and everyone eles who is. I got accepted on the CRP a few weeks ago after being rejected once i decided to imporve my cover letter which I attached to the front of my CV....If you ask me you have nothing to loose by including it.

    This may sound silly but the second time round I applyed I made my cover letter REALLY cheesey but still include all the relevant information. My best advise is do somthing anything that will make your CV stand out e.g. write a poem put in a picture anything

    But then agian I was very lucky and i'm still nto 100% sure what they were looking for...Anywho GOOD LUCK and hopfully I will C yoo all in DISNEY next year!!
  14. meerah89

    meerah89 Member

    Aaah so a cover letter really is just personal choice then. Thanks debz :)

    03goodl, I thank u a million times over for the info too! I've written one and it is quite cheese-filled lol! I mite put it on some Micky paper or something, or is that goin too far? Oh and when do you leave you lucky thing? I'm actually quite jealous knowing that all these people are going in time for summer to THE most magical place on earth. I hope you have tons of fun and keep us updated :)
    thanks again guys xx
  15. meerah89

    meerah89 Member

  16. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member

    No Micky paper sounds wkd i put a pic of him at the bottom of my letter!!!

    I leave the 7th of September to do F&B in the UK

    Can't wait!!
  17. meerah89

    meerah89 Member

    Mickey paper it is! Have an amazing time, and maybe I'll see you out there next year :)
  18. amylouise70

    amylouise70 New Member

    I was going to put mine on my Mickey paper ... totally forgetting its from the Holiday parties and has snow and xmas characters all over it! Oops!! I wonder if they make princess and the frog paper?! I reaaaally hope they bring the Showboat Jubilee back if I get to go back.....I am sooo gutted I missed it!!
  19. VikkiLillyBee

    VikkiLillyBee New Member

    Just a note here guys... the paper has to be virtual. You won't be sending things off to yummy by post! Of course, putting a border round a word document isn't too hard, and I'm sure a border of little Mikey heads can be found :p
  20. meerah89

    meerah89 Member

    Oh yeah lol! Haha, I'll just have to create some and type over it. Thanks lol!bit slow this week

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